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Manager: wrug
This is the OFFICIAL WebRing RingMaster Wish Forum. Ideas that WebRing has to improve or update the system will be posted here. RingMasters are encouraged to join this Forum and respond to the posts. We're looking for opinions (for or against) with good supporting reasons (especially if against). Please feel free to discuss these matters in the WebRing Managers' Forum so that any questions you have are answered before you post your opinion. Only one opinion per topic please. Response posts will not be made public so you can feel free to give your honest opinion.

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New Feature - Joining Rings - 12/02/2004
Changes have been made to the Join This Ring process. Not in how the links work, etc. but in how the system handles requests fom NON members. The old process was to redirect them to an interstitial page which directed them to the User ID signup process. The join process, upon completion, returned finally to the Ring application screen. Whew!

The new process simply embeds the User ID signup fields, along with explanation, into the Ring join application screen. The User ID is created as part of the Ring application process.

We hope this simplifies the initial join process for brand new members.

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