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A_Ring of Truth - Ring of Truth (rot) deals with human evolution, observation and perception. Are we alone? What is our origin? Is there a

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A_Ring of Truth

Manager: opossumsal1
This forum covers the same issues as the related 'Ring of Truth'. Anyone can participate making comments about the sites of this ring, or discuss related issues.

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Discuss World War II WebRing webring 04/13/2011
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My friend Warren L. Coburn, lorenawomble 10/15/2011
My friend Warren L. Coburn, served on Merchant Marine ship SS Silver Peak between 11/04/1944 to 01/25/1945. Does anyone know the where abouts of this ship? Was it scrapped, if so when? Is there anyone who is still living who may have served with Mr. Coburn? Please reply with any information, I kindly thank you...... Loren A. Womble   reply
Greetings...... I wish I had tgrace 12/07/2011
Greetings...... I wish I had found this page before my Dad passed away. He also sailed on the Cape Flattery in WWII. I, like you have searched for information but have come up with nothing. Possibly contacting the Merchant Marines would be an option. Best of luck with your search.   reply
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