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Telnet Bulletin Board Systems - BBS Sysops take pride designing and operating a system that entertains their guests. Use a TELNET client and type in the

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Telnet Bulletin Board Systems

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Manager: ragtop
BBS Sysops take pride designing and operating a system that entertains their "guests." Use a TELNET client and type in the URL of a site in this ring. Some require url:23. BBS's provide people-based community for chatting, playing games, downloading files, free email, conferences, and more. Log on one of these systems and see what you are missing. Spun Crystal has WTlords, Trade Wars 2002, and many other games.


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   Box 24 BBS Switzerland Preview Go
Many message networks, files, infos...
   Got Milk Inc BBS Preview Go
Family oriented, our animals being showoffs and our camping trips, Photos of a family oriented business at a picnic.
   Discordia BBS Preview Go
Free telnet BBS with tons of great games such as LORD, SRE, Usurper, TradeWars 2002, Lore, Arrowbridge, Operation Overkill II, Global Wars, and more!

   The Assassin's Grove ST Preview Go
The worlds online online Atari ST BBS! Breathign life back into Atari...
   Armageddon BBS Home Page Preview Go
Official home page for the Armageddon BBS. Our BBS first went online in 1994. In addition to the usual public chat, SysOp chat and message conferences, we offer a small collection of files -- currently over 4,000 -- related to Macintosh programming, Macintosh Classic emulation, BBS software, original poetry, original graphics, Bible programs and study tools, and many more useful Macintosh apps.
   The Adept BBS Preview Go
The Adept BBS is a Worldgroup BBS based in Louisville, KY. We first went online in 1992 and were one of the original MajorMUD beta sites. We still feature MajorMUD as one of our main attractions, along with many other WG games.
   The Grove Online Preview Go
Worlds only Online Atari ST BBS!
   Ancient Warriors BBS Preview Go
A cool BBS Webring page.
   Fanciful Online Preview Go
Join our online community in games, dialog, and information sharing. We have some of the best LORD players on the net right here at Fanciful Online, as well as some of the best message networks. We have thousands of files, and hundreds of eager members waiting to welcome you!

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