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Insects and Bugs - This ring is a collection of the greatest insect sites on the Internet today. Here, you may find sites about interesting

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Insects and Bugs

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Manager: nathal54
This ring is a collection of the greatest insect sites on the Internet today. Here, you may find sites about interesting insects, insects for collectors, or resources for making pesky insects go away.

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   Beekeeping Preview Go
Beekeeping Information and Supplies, Books, Video, DVD's and more, Organic Bee keeping, Backyard Beekeeping, Hives and Equipment, Learn Practical Beekeeping. Buy Honey here too.
   Praying Mantis Eggs Preview Go
Praying Mantis Eggs for sale. Praying Mantis will help keep your garden free from insect pests. Praying Mantis Eggs, Egg Case, Facts, Picture, Life Cycle. Care, Habitat, Pets, Diet and more. Buy Praying Mantis Eggs. Answers the question of do Praying Mantis eat and what do I feed it if I have one as a pet. Praying Mantises or Mantodea.
   Ladybugs for Sale Preview Go
Live ladybugs for Sale, This is where you can purchase or buy ladybugs, Plus information on the ladybug life cycle, facts, Lady bug Infestation, Actually they are not real ladybugs but the Asian Beetle infesting your house, Ladybugs don't usually bite or try to get into your home.

   Ant Farms Preview Go
Watch ants build amazing 3-D tunnels in super cool nutrient rich gel; all food and moisture is self-contained, no food or water needed
   Books about Butterflies & Moths Preview Go
Site gives an extensive list of books about Butterflies, Moths and Caterpillars, collectively known as Lepidoptera, compiled by a science librarian, that are currently available (in print).
   All about tarantulas Preview Go
This is the site for the beginning owner and the experienced specialist in tarantulas. Contains a large detailed species list with pictures and my own experiences.
   Roach Motel Preview Go
Alittle of everything. Tons of facts about cockroaches. Cool pics of cars. Also a bunch of links to EMS sites.
   the raising and pestcontrol of the housefly Preview Go
THe housfly, how it lives, breeds , eats and how they can be used as a living food.
   Urban Bees Preview Go
I became interested in the European Honeybee (Apis mellifera) after speaking with a local beekeeper. I live downtown in a small city, about 60 miles South of Atlanta, Ga. Currently, I have 4 hives that I maintain in an "urban" setting. There are many ornamental & decorative plants, bushes, trees and shrubs in this area that are beneficial to the honeybee and the production of honey

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