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Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter - The Adventure Game Interpreter was produced by Sierra Online as a platform for their games in the late 1980's. It was po

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Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter

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Manager: sonneveld
The Adventure Game Interpreter was produced by Sierra Online as a platform for their games in the late 1980's. It was ported to many systems like the PC, Amiga and Macintosh. Games using the interpreter have very distinctive blocky graphics and a text parser interface where the player could type in their commands. The AGI interpreter was the starting point for many of Sierra's classic adventure games such as Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, Space Quest, Goldrush and Manhunter.

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Toby's World. A new AGI game that will be released in 2011 A short demo has been released. Progress is at 30% Keep checking for updates.

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