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Airedale Terrier Ring - A ring for Airedale owners, Airedale fans & soon to be owners of Airedale Terriers. Homepages done by Airedales and thei

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Airedale Terrier Ring

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Manager: nymets_1969
A ring for Airedale owners, Airedale fans & "soon to be owners" of Airedale Terriers. Homepages done by Airedales and their humans detailing the joys of owning and being owned by the Airedale Terrier. We have pages of Airedale merchandise, Rescued Airedales,Working Airedales & personal pages related to pet Airedales. Feel free to look around & create your own Airedale page for submission. This ring is dedicated to Skippy who went to the bridge 1/2/02.

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   Rievaulx Airedale Terriers Preview Go
Situated in Perth, Western Australia, we breed for type, temperament and soundness. Our quality Airedales have been well regarded in the show ring but most of all we are proud to have produced fit, healthy puppies to go to deserving homes.
   Kiwi-Dales Preview Go
The adventures of two young Airedale Terriers from New Zealand, trying to get into as much trouble as possible... without getting caught!
   Joe's First Page Preview Go
Family members and interests

   The Republic of GooberStan Preview Go
GooberStan is nowhere near Pakistan, Uzbekistan, or Afghanistan, but it's the land of Stanley - one goober of an Airedale. No passport needed.
   The ABB Airedale Art Gallery Preview Go
We love airedales and airedale ART and paint them and make prints from our artwork. We are always looking for PHOTOS or Web images we can use in our artwork. We also can do commissions. Contact us by email on our site if you wish us to do a commission.
   Nightsun Airedale Terriers Preview Go
At Nightsun Airedale Terriers there is never a dull moment. To discover the many faces of our fabulous Airedales, this site is a must see!
   Serendipity Airedales Preview Go
Serendipity Airedale Terriers at home and at shows. Listing of pedigrees and show wins, owners, handlers, etc. Numerous links to agility, obedience, supplies, medical information, other Airedale sites, etc.
   Jack and Stella the Airedales Preview Go
Meet Jack and Stella...The two cutest Airedale Terriers the World has ever seen!!!
   The Airedale Clown Preview Go
A perfect dog, very playful, smart and stubborn but he knows how to make each day a better wonderful day
   Nakki - The Airedale Terrier Preview Go
A celebration of the Airedale with pictures and stories from life with an Airedale in Denmark. Nakki is primarily a family dog, but he has started showing and will start obidience work (not out of need, though) as we enjoy doing things together

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