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A Ring Created For All Anime Sites.

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   Hunter X Hunter Characters Preview Go
Hunter X Hunter Characters. Pictures of the main characters. Links to additional character info.
   One Piece Anime Preview Go
Monkey D. Luffy has set out on his own grand adventure. His goal, to fulfill a promise he made to his idol, the pirate Shanks, to seek out the Grand Line and find the Pirate King's treasure: One Piece...
   Magic Teacher Negima! AKA Mahou Sensei Negima! Preview Go
Ten year old Negi Springfield is a graduate from Magic School and in order to complete his training, he must teach English in Japan...to a all-girls classroom in a Junior High all-girl school! Not only that but because of shortage of room, he has to bunk with Asuna, the one girl that doesn't adore him... Images, Episodes, Cast

   Ring Manager's Home Page Preview Go
My Rings ... Anime Anime Anime ... My Websites ... Bleach the Amine ... Valentine Sampler T-Shirts
   Card Captor Sakura Characters Preview Go
When 10-year-old Sakura Kinomoto opened a mystic book called the Clow and took out a card, little did she realize that a Pandora's Box of magic would be loosed upon the city...
   Takeru T.K. Takaishi AND Digimon Digital Monsters Preview Go
Takeru T.K. Takaishi presents pictures of his friends in the anime Digimon.
   Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Preview Go
aka Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED. This Anime is about a war between the Coordinators and the Naturals. The coordinators are people who at a very primitive state before birth had their genes altered to enhance their abilities (making them smarter, more efficient, and adaptable). The Naturals are the people who are ordinary humans and did not have their genes altered. IMAGES, EPISODES
   Invader Zim Preview Go
Invader ZIM is an eccentric alien soldier from the planet Irk. He was banished from the Irken Empire after nearly destroying his home planet on an early mission.
   Otaku Preview Go
Fat, unshaven, wearing glasses, a ponytail and fantasizing with an anime girl doll, a popular stereotype of an otaku.
   Ranma Nibunnoichi Preview Go
Ranma 1/2 is about a young man named Ranma Saotome, of the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts. His father, Genma Saotome, takes Ranma on a training mission to China. There, Ranma and his father fall into the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo...

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