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All Things Trains: Fallen Flags - This SubRing of ALL THINGS TRAINS WebRing is for the history of railroads that are no longer in existance. Pictures of t

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All Things Trains: Fallen Flags

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This SubRing of ALL THINGS TRAINS WebRing is for the history of railroads that are no longer in existance. Pictures of the old railroad are especially welcome.

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   The Troy & Schenectady, Now It Is A Bike Path Preview Go
The American Museum of Electricity (What! You never heard of it?) stored its collection on the old Troy & Schenectady Railroad. This historic railroad was part of the original New York Central Railroad formed in 1853.
   Milk Trains Preview Go
Milk Trains were once important to provide milk to our big cities.
   Warwick Valley & Other Railroads West of the Hudson Preview Go
New Jersey's Answer To Tehachapi. Route that the Sealand container trains take from Buffalo to New York. I've got an old stock certificate from the Warwick Valley Rail Road Company which became the Lehigh & Hudson River RR.

   Chicago River and Indiana Railroad Preview Go
The Chicago River & Indiana Railroad and the Chicago Junction Railway controlled access to the Chicago Union Stock Yards district. They were part of the New York Central System. Includes the Indiana Harbor Belt.
   Peoria and Eastern Railway Company Preview Go
Peoria and Eastern Railway (P&E) Company went from Indianapolis to Peoria. It was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New York Central System. It was not until August, 1996, when a portion of the line was sold to Norfolk Southern Corporation, that the line was no longer a part of the NY Central "Big Four" System.
   Railroads in Utica, New York Preview Go
Utica, New York was served by four railroads: The New York Central, West Shore, Lackawanna and Ontario & Western
   The Train Ride to Choate Preview Go
Edgar T. Mead described a trip to Choate in the 1930's. This article shows what has changed in fifty years. Rooting through old magazines on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I came to an old NRHS Bulletin and saw an article by Edgar T. Mead on a train trip from New York City to Choate School which is located in Wallingford, CT which he made in 1937. In 1988, I wrote an article about what we had lost or gained over 50 years.
   The 20th Century Limited Preview Go
The 20th Century Limited and other New York Central Passenger Trains. This was probably the all-time most famous train.
   Abandoned Railroads: West Shore & New York State Preview Go
Ever wonder when railroads were abandoned? This site covers the topic about as complete as you can get.
   Monon Railroad Preview Go
The Monon Railroad (Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railway) was profitable throughout the World War I period, but adverse trends appeared in the 1920s and gained momentum during the depression of the 1930s. To survive, it needed a "super railroader. It found one in John Barriger.

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