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Americans for Legal Reform - Former US Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark wrote: “After three years of studying lawyer discipline throughout this countr

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Americans for Legal Reform

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Former US Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark wrote: “After three years of studying lawyer discipline throughout this country, this Committee must report the existence of a scandalous situation that requires the immediate attention of the [legal] profession.” He was referring to rampant corruption of predatory lawyers and officers of the court who destroy the lives of innocent citizens--and nothing has changed.

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   Will She End Judicial Corruption On Long Island? Preview Go
Republican/Democrat, Man/Woman - Are the Long Island Courts too corrupt to be changed? DA Kathleen Rice promised to shake up the system, but will she? The Bible condemns the secular courts, and declares Christians who use them spiritually flawed. The LI Judiciary is endemically corrupt, and for 30 years the DA has knowingly looked the other way. How long will a criminal judiciary and this Constitutional apostasy continu
   Why Is There Evil - The Laws And Man's Ignorance Preview Go
Why is there Good and Evil? What is the cause of all events in the world? To understand the answer to these questions, you must first understand the Laws that our Constitutional Framers spoke of, and begin to live a conscious, intentionally and purpose-focused life. You have it within your ability to Know All Things - but only if you think and live in a manner that manifests this higher wisdom and knowledge.
   The Persecution Of Martha Stewart Preview Go
Martha Stewart is a sacrificial lamb for the sins of a corrupt judicary and lying court officers. Will the crimes of the judicary go unpunished? Science has proven the vision of the Mystic that all events in this world are the direct result of causes in the surrounding Etheric realms. What I demonstrate is that the persecution of Martha Stewart has been caused by the sins of her persecutors, and ipso facto directly affect you.

   LI Mystic & Disciple Of TheWay Preview Go
The Organizational HomePage of Allan Cronshaw - the Long Island Mystic and Nazirene Disciple of TheWay - who through the recall of his previous life as the Brother and Disciple of Yeshua/Jesus has restored the spiritual teachings of his Master to their original purity. Come join us in TheWay of Spiritual Birth and the inner journey along the Narrow Way into the Indwelling Kingdom and return through the Tree of Life into Eden
   Apostates To Life - The Wisdom Of Mother Teresa Preview Go
Will you enter into Life? The words of Mother Teresa expresses great wisdom, and many who believe they have fulfilled the requirements of Life, have thus failed because love to them is a word that they don't put into practice. Those who do not hold life to be sacred, will themselves loose what they do not hold in the highest esteeme.
   Deists, The Laws, our Constitution, The Destiny of Man Preview Go
Our Constitutional forefathers were Deists who understood the necessity for freedom and the right to live in a segregated community with like minded people. That we have permitted government to homogenize our thinking, and deny our fundamental rights, has alienated us from the knowledge of our true higher spiritual reality.

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