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The Ring of Original Anime - A ring to link together the creators of completely original animes and mangas on the net.

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The Ring of Original Anime

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A ring to link together the creators of completely original animes and mangas on the net.

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   'Axciene Knights' Project Utopia Preview Go
Enter the World of Dreams. Discover the unique story and notable characters behind the simple title. Join the Axciene Knights as they struggle to get back to the credited 'reality' while fighting inside Utopia against its Rulers who decided to implement a game-like rule of surviva for all the Axcies. Enjoy the action, adventure, fantasy, comedy and drama! Check out for yourself...
   Jinko No Preview Go
An original online-only manga written by Jonah Gregory (SPAMBOT of www.nucleartuxedo.com) and illustrated by Colby Sollars (www.undergroundtrance project.com) The tale of Dennis Lincoln, assistant-teacher who is pulled into a strange adventure from trying to help out some of his students.
   Anime Hopefuls Preview Go
We host original Anime and Manga stories by various writers and artists!

   Balance of Power Preview Go
The year is 3038. After a double-assassination, Miyoko of the Menyar family is crowned Empress. She gets wind of something being not quite right and leaves the castle to do some soul-searching and to find the traitor, unaware that he was right under her nose. Along the way, she%
   Spellsoldiers Preview Go
An original anime comic. It is the story of the spellsoldiers battle to capture the evil spells and save the earth and universe. Will they win, come and find out.
   Ai no Sosei: Love's Rebirth Preview Go
Ai no Sosei- What starts out as an ordinary trip to the library turns out to be anything but ordinary when best friends Suimitsu Otenba and Ichigo Kasutera find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic crusade in the name of love!
   Garnet Preview Go
Original Online manga about a girl who, trying to save a man, follows a demon to another dimension and gets involved in a war between demons and humans. (Available in english and spanish)
   When Dreams Die Preview Go
When Dreams Die is host to my online comic Colisto. About a young girl who one day; her sister died, got arrested, and finds out she has to save the world from the Evil Demon Chaos. And to to all that everyone thinks she is a GUY!

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