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The Ring of the ArchMagi - Dark Portals swirl about you as you walk the long corridor, each portal leads to another realm, both of beauty and darkn

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The Ring of the ArchMagi

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Manager: magician
Dark Portals swirl about you as you walk the long corridor, each portal leads to another realm, both of beauty and darkness, A deep voice rumbles in the distance "Pick well mortal, many SITES await your virgin senses so pick carefully" Fantasy sites such as Vampire sites, AD&D Sites, sites about dragons, magic etc. are welcome.


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   The Wonderful World of AD&D Preview Go
Has lots of pics, links, and other info on AD&D for players
Unlike most role playing aids, contained within these pages are many real life magical scripts, runic scripts, magical symbols, a new character class, gemstone folklore, and original crazy ideas to help keep your adventurers intensely interested and on the tips of their toes.
   Armando's RPG Center Preview Go
RPG Center where we give information on all the AD&D happenings. Includes articles, adventure and accessory files and more!

   The Tower of Bekima Preview Go
The Tower of Bekima is a site devoted mostly to the Wizards of Krynn and the Towers of High Sorcery. And Tool
   Steve's AD&D Page Preview Go
My AD&D page. Links to free stuff I made and a place you can get a deal on your AD&D supplies.
   Grimm's Sack o' Spoils Preview Go
Take a peek inside the Sack o' Spoils. There ye may peruse the Library of Nonmagical Books, or hire a ready blade at the Adventurers' Guild. A good river pirate shares with 'is crew, says I....
   Dragonloft Preview Go
Personal archive of AD&D related material, including many new spells and magic items. Also features fantasy works from those across the web. Archive of general fantasy related material in the works (midis, graphics, etc). More to come.
   Magefire's Dungeons & Dragons Preview Go
An informative AD&D website with New Classes, New Traps, a Monthly Adventure Idea, and much more.
   Official Alternity RPG website Preview Go
Alternity is a Sci-Fi Role Playing Game published by TSR/WotC, featuring a new campaign settings such as Dark Matter (modern day conspiracy), Star Drive (futuristic space opera), Gammaworld (post apocalypse science-fantasy) and Starcraft (based on the computer game). Thousands of expansions, PDFs, modules and resources have been written by fans and members of the Alternity community.
   Arcane Cavalier Preview Go
A d20 Prestige Class for Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes wizards and sorcerers forge mystical bonds with their mounts, usually the result of casting beneficial spells on their mount (Spider Climb, Haste, Bullís Strength, etc). This bond results in the mount gaining special magical abilities and the rider achieving a state of oneness with their chosen mount.

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