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The Ring of the ArchMagi - Dark Portals swirl about you as you walk the long corridor, each portal leads to another realm, both of beauty and darkn

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The Ring of the ArchMagi

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Manager: magician
Dark Portals swirl about you as you walk the long corridor, each portal leads to another realm, both of beauty and darkness, A deep voice rumbles in the distance "Pick well mortal, many SITES await your virgin senses so pick carefully" Fantasy sites such as Vampire sites, AD&D Sites, sites about dragons, magic etc. are welcome.


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   The Realms of Mistyc Preview Go
A world of magic and wonder, where magic abounds and thoughts are shared.
   Carlinious's Realm of AD&D Preview Go
NOw I have Modules, Art, and Links. I'll update when I have the time and ideas.
   Raven's Spire Preview Go
Enter and visit the humble(and currently in process of remodeling) home of Rhiannon Hunter Swift.....featuring fiction, descriptions, stats, pictures.............

   Kaymelkans ADnD Preview Go
It is a fantasy based page, well done in my view;) hope all ye enjoy it
   George Weathermay's Refuge Preview Go
This website contains a lage amount of NPCs for the Ravenloft campaign Setting, which could be transcribed to others as well. It aslo contains mini-adevntures, new monsters, stories and poems, and a section devoted to the religions of Ravenloft.
   Thieves Guild Preview Go
You lurk in the shadows, waiting... The time is near, you target is approaching. What do you do? As you examine the lock you notice a very intricate trap. Had you turn the knob you would have been pricked by a pin you never would have felt. The pioson ould have killed you in an hour. Do you have a soft spot for the Rouge class? This is your chance. Join the Guild.
   Sylveryth Keep Preview Go
A narrative through Sylveryth Keep. Go to the Armory to see weapons and armor, or to the Guests Lounge to sign the guest scrolls. The Scrying Room contains windows and portals to other Fantasy realms.
   The Live Land Of Make-Believe Preview Go
The Winds of Change MUD is an exciting adventure where role-playing is encouraged, and rewarded, but is not a pre-requisite. We are one of the more friendly muds on the net. We have dedicated builders that are constantly expanding and changing our world. Check us out at: footprints.net port:9001 or Port:9001
   Tales of the Gold Rose Preview Go
Follow the adventures of a group of would be heroes. Based on an ongoing play by email role playing game, you will be able to read about the characters, the players, and the fun part, the story.
   Fantasy Land Preview Go
fairies, and dragons, and more..oh my wizards & mermaids, & knights......

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