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The Ring of the ArchMagi - Dark Portals swirl about you as you walk the long corridor, each portal leads to another realm, both of beauty and darkn

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The Ring of the ArchMagi

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Manager: magician
Dark Portals swirl about you as you walk the long corridor, each portal leads to another realm, both of beauty and darkness, A deep voice rumbles in the distance "Pick well mortal, many SITES await your virgin senses so pick carefully" Fantasy sites such as Vampire sites, AD&D Sites, sites about dragons, magic etc. are welcome.


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   Dwarvendarrow Preview Go
Dwarvendarrow: Deep beneath the surface of the earth live the bearded folk, the chosen of Moradin. If you dare, enter their realm, and learn of their secrets.
   Kendrish Pantheon Preview Go
A good game world needs a good game pantheon, but few have the time to fully develop a theology, mythology and heretical movements. This site has a complete and well developed pantheon that is usable wherever there are human communities. Save yourself some time to play, and bring the Kendrish gods to your world.
   Role-Playing Preview Go
keywords are self explainatory

   Gothic Adventure Games Preview Go
Everything you need about Dungeons & Dragons. Riddles, pictures, adventures, names for characters, even jokes. Check it out, you won't be disapointed.
   Nuitari's Most Faithful Preview Go
Raistlin is your host as he guides you through his Tower.
   The Lonesome Road Preview Go
Welcome, traveler... Here you will find original materials for your Ravenloft campaign setting, including domains, heroes, villains, monsters, adventures, and articles. The Mists are rising...
   Dungeons & Dragons Classic Arcade Games Preview Go
Remembering the classic Dungeons & Dragons video arcade games by TSR and Capcom. Let me know if you're interested in finding out how to get these great games.
   Carnifex Online Zine Preview Go
New e-zine starting in April 2003 looking for Epic Fantasy stories, poems, artwork and articles
   Andy's RolePlaying Realm Preview Go
This site has netbooks, characters, and many links to good gaming sites. It has an extremely useful front page with links to these sites.
   Interactive Rifts Preview Go
I got Graphics, sheets, metric, monsters, errata, campaign, rules and any help you need.

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