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The Art History Webring - This webring lists sites that are about art history and famous artists. - - - - - Art movements Postmodernism, Modernism

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The Art History Webring

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This webring lists sites that are about art history and famous artists. - - - - - Art movements Postmodernism, Modernism, the Neo-Gothic movement, Pop art, Op art, abstract expressionism, neo-expressionism, surrealism, dada, cubism, impressionism, neo-impressionism, realism, romanticism, neo-classicism, renaissance, baroque, classical, roman, greek, german, french, egyptian, cave art, mesopotamian, syrian, asian, chinese, korean, japanese, oriental art, orientalism, african art, native american art, aboriginal art, spiritual and religious art... - - - - - Famous artists: Cindy Sherman, William Blake, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Lee Krasner, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Gaudi, Yves Klein, Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael, The Post-Raphaelites, Friedrich Overbeck, Francisco Goya. - - - - - The Logo: The painting used for this logo is a reproduction of Friedrich Overbeck's "Italy and Germany". The reproduction was done by international artist Charles Alexander Moffat.

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   Artemisia Gentileschi Preview Go
Biography & Art of a Baroque artist from the 17th century.
   Rosa Bonheur Preview Go
Biography, Quotations & Art of a landscape/agricultural artist from the 19th century.
   Strange Sculptures from Around the World Preview Go
Weird and bizarre sculptures.

   The European Ideal Beauty Preview Go
Nude European art, from prehistoric to modern.
   Lawrence Alma-Tadema Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Biography & Art of a Victorian artist (contains nudes).
   Russian Constructivism Preview Go
Russian Constructivism was a movement that was active from 1913 to the 1940s. It was a movement created by the Russian avant-garde, but quickly spread to the rest of the continent. Constructivist art is committed to complete abstraction with a devotion to modernity, where themes are often geometric, experimental and rarely emotional.
   Earth Art Preview Go
Inspired by ancient monoliths like Stone Henge and America's mound builders (in combination with modernism and minimalism) artists in the late 1960s began creating "earth art" or "land art" using rock, wood and synthetic materials. One of the first was Walter De Maria's "Mile Long Drawing" in the Mojave Desert in 1968.
   Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun Preview Go
Biography & Art of a Rococo artist from the 18th century.
   The History of Lovers in Art Preview Go
Art of lovers, nudes and romance.
   Slavery is a Woman Preview Go
Race, Gender, and Visuality in Marie Benoist's Portrait d'une négresse (1800).

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