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International Atheists Ring of Truth! - The FIRST all atheists WebRing dedicated to linking atheist webpages together in one, surfable circle of cyberspace. Ath

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International Atheists Ring of Truth!

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Manager: cbaker84
The FIRST all atheists WebRing dedicated to linking atheist webpages together in one, surfable circle of cyberspace. Atheists are the common thread and you'll have great fun checking out reality from site to site. Theists passing thru may get dyspeptic and that's tough. The truth is often painful. ALL atheist pages are welcome!


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   Ateologia Preview Go
   The Lowest Animal Preview Go
Most people have forgotten the man born Samuel Clemens, who became the revered preacher of truth, Mark Twain. Even worse, those who have barely heard of him think of him as a backwoods bigot. Nothing could be further from the truth. So much can be learned from this outspoken, scholarly man of the world.
   David McDivitt's Web Page Preview Go
This is my page to say something about myself. Join one of my mailing lists, read things I've written.

   The Disappearance Of The True Buddha's Dhamma Preview Go
Digha Nikaya Sutta 16 & Anguttara Nikaya Sutta 4.180 - the words & syallables are to be closely scrutinized, laid beside Sutta & compared with Vinaya. If, when thus laid beside Sutta & compared with Vinaya, they lie not along with Sutta & agree not with Vinaya, to this conclusion must ye come: Sure this is not the word of that Exalted One, Arahant, the Fully Enlighte
   Sampo Syreeni -- decoy Preview Go
The homepage of Sampo Syreeni, one of a small group of Finnish libertarians. The site revolves around libertarianism, computing, audio, web design, BtVS... You name it, it's there.
   Barefoot and Free.... Preview Go
INTP, Single, Cynical, White, Atheist, 39, Strong, Petite, Astute, Reclusive, Homogamous, Barefoot, Lesbian, Insomniac, Tired, Out, Aquarius, Broke, Mad, Childish, on a List, etc.
   Inquisitive Atheists Preview Go
Atheists can get a arguments for atheism; evolution vs creationism; debunking god, debunking jesus, debunking the Bible. Arguments debunking Islam also provided. General atheist information.
   Science and Reason Preview Go
A site devoted to science, skepticism and freethought.
   Infidelia Ink Preview Go
Fiction, poetry and humour from an atheist perspective.
   Atheist Divine: Criticising Christianity Preview Go
Rational critique of Christianity, its beliefs, ideas and works.

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