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Ballot Box Suicide - Death by Casting Votes - In violation of the first amendment, the U.S. has adopted a self-evident, ipso facto religion based upon liberal Christi

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Ballot Box Suicide - Death by Casting Votes

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In violation of the first amendment, the U.S. has adopted a self-evident, ipso facto religion based upon liberal Christian and secular humanist religious philosophy. At present, the implementation and practice of this secular, government-ordained religion is inhibiting the free exercise of more genuine expressions and models of religion. The philosophical tenets of this religion are that (1) Man is not accountable to God's Law; (2) The laws of man supercede those of God; and (3) Man has the power and authority to define the limitations of freedom and liberty, as well as religion, in accordance with his own needs. In these United States today, a great number of people ignorantly subscribe to all or various parts of this secular religion--a religion providing an umbrella under which people calling themselves Christian, Jewish, and Muslim exist in a counterfeit manner that is in truth government-ordained religion. That others are forced to ascribe to these government religious beliefs, and worship at the altar of spiritual hypocrisy while many are duped into acceptance, is truly a gross violation of first amendment Constitutional rights!

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World Libertarianism is now the only alternative to globalist oppression. A multitude of free sovereign nations competing in a free world market has natural workability superior to any form of world government and can be less easily subverted to collectivism. We cannot continue in the present mode of ignoring the future. This website starts by addressing basic issues of thinking and then quickly moves to increasing detail.
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Worldwide organization stressing natural sequence in attainment of peace on Earth. Absolute individual liberty with race and culture preservation, leads to prosperity, which in turn leads to peace. Establish free enterprise everywhere. Ongoing prosperity and peace will then follow naturally.
   Ballot Box Suicide - Death By Casting Votes Preview Go
The US has adopted an ipso facto religion based upon Liberal Christian and Secular Humanist religious philosophy - which inhibits the practice of genuine religion. Under pretense of calling themselves Christian, Jewish and Muslim, many professed believers exist in a spiritually counterfeit reality that is in truth government ordained religion, and a denial of Constitutional Rights. Your vote may be your DEATH!

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This site mainly discusses & exposes how the catholic church is still covering up for their organized child sex crime ring that is still in operation today & misleads the news media with their own fake victims advocate group that was designed by the Catholic Church to control victims and minimize the church's finacial loss. We also discuss the extremely strong connection the Catholic Church has with the Republican party by using their own lobbying group to pump huge amounts of campaign contributions in exchange to make sure the victims are not successful at getting any extensions on statute of limitations or passing any bills that would hold the Catholic Church accountable for the organized child sex ring that is still in operation today. We also discuse any abuse issue & the politics that allow them to continue
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We are the government - the government is us. The dissention and turmoil that pervades the land at present, is merely representative of our own loss of self. Unless we re-establish Constitutional fundamentals, we will be a doomed people who are unworthy of the blood shed by our forefathers. Our legacy will be our Constitutional apostasy and traitors to the cause of freedom!
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The Brother of Jesus warns: Satan works through the Democratic Party to turn the children away from God and bring them into servitude to the demonic forces of darkness. Those who vote Democratic have innocent blood on their hands, and are guility of the death of the children! An UnForgivable Sin. You can not believe or be saved by Jesus, and vote Democrat.
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Our Constitutional forefathers were Deists who understood the necessity for freedom and the right to live in a segregated community with like minded people. That we have permitted government to homogenize our thinking, and deny our fundamental rights, has alienated us from the knowledge of our true higher spiritual reality.
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The Bible teaches that parallel realms exist. Jesus taught that a Disciple of TheWay could enter the Kingdom while still alive in the body. Hebrew/Christian Mystics have told us what modern science confirms - that we can enter the Kingdom, and fulfill Paul's Commandment to prove all things. For Genuine Christians, blind belief is a thing of the past!
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