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Atheist And Freethinkers - A Ring Of Atheists and Freethinkers, All Atheist and Freethinkers are welcome ... Enlighten your mind  

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Atheist And Freethinkers

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A Ring Of Atheists and Freethinkers, All Atheist and Freethinkers are welcome ... Enlighten your mind



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   Self Realization & Clear-Mindedness Preview Go
Original and often challenging writings by Philip Goddard on a wide range of self realization / self actualization and healing issues. The purest and simplest methods for self healing and self actualization and clearing yourself of all troublesome non-physical influences - the only genuine comprehensive mental health. There is an overridingly important reason why we need to jettison the whole concept of 'spirituality' and put our focus on aware clear-mindedness instead.
   Jesus on Death Row Preview Go
81% of Canadians say they believe in "a god or higher being" but only 22% of young people in Canada attend church (2000 statistic). Is Jesus dying? Should we be afraid for the continuation of the Church? How many people will believe in god 40 years from now? And why is the death penalty still legal in the United States?
   Walking Away One Man's Journey from Faith to Reason Preview Go
I once was a fundamental independent Baptist preacher, missionary, and evangelist. Today, I have walked away from it all and have chosen to side with reason, science, and logic over Bronze Age fairy tales. I hope to show others that there is a valid alternative to faith.

   blog du un ateista Preview Go
En este blog pretendo reflesxionar sobre el ateismo y sobre una moral sin dios
   The Psycho Atheist Preview Go
Meandering musings from an atheistic perspective
   Embracing Truth @ Timeless Ink Press Preview Go
A Man*Ifesto of Global*Luvolution, dedicated to spreading the message of L.O.V.E. to mankind - there by lifting Man*Kind into the Age of Compassion, raising the vibration of truth and ushering in the Age of Humanity. - Magic*Happens
   Derrick's Atheism Page Preview Go
Ex-Christian showing errors and contradictions in the Bible, as well as problems with the Christian faith.
   The Frog Blog. Eco-Talk! Preview Go
FrogBook.com is a blog that discusses the latest news on the environment, wildlife, animal rights, and science in general; their political and social implications will be deconstructed and debated - hopefully with a degree of frog-humor. Post your comments!

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