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Beyond the Smiles WebRing

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   our disconnected world Preview Go
a place of poetry, prose, music, and other philosophical nonsense
   Hot Rio Chick Preview Go
A blog about my adventure as a writer wannabe. A place for Jane Austenīs Mr Darcy and Lizzy meet and love, Brazilian style.
   Dark Visions Preview Go
a collection of dark poetry encompassing the pain and loss of love

   The Tone of Carolyn Preview Go
For and about all things Carolyn. There is a tone, a vibration, a stirring essence to the name Carolyn. This essence is the light (however faint at the moment) which will guide us to discover the source from which the Carolyn comes.
   Rose's Place Preview Go
Site with ilustrations and some poetry of the portuguese paintor Maria Henriques.
   Cheshire Unleashed Preview Go
A broken wonderland where the cheshire cat is unleashed in all his crazy glory. C'mon in, we're all mad here.
   A Faded Reality Preview Go
There are times when I find myself lost within my head. The music blaring, the lights dimmed, and the simplicity of the outside world peering through my window; All seem to go hand in hand when inspiration comes about. However, inspiration is a fleeting thing, and so I confide in my little black book... This is a site of oppresive and joyful poems, so feel free to find one that suits your taste.
   Poet's Corner Preview Go
Poetry submitted by original artists, fans of classic poets, and my own poems written over the years. Includes archives of old submissions and the rules for getting your own archive. Also contains links to my short stories.
   Shades of Reality Preview Go
I am psychotic, quite literally. I'm depressed, schizophrenic, apathetic, evil, opinionated, ugly, and freakish. I am a novelist, a story teller, and a poet. I am me. That me happens to be a dark and somewhat frightening person. I happen to have a website.
   written gardens Preview Go
if I could describe it, I might not need to write it every day... to me it's creativity, therapy, sanctuary, communication, and a wave hello to you and the universe.... what's it to you?

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