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Cockatiel Lovers & Friends of any Birds - For breeders, pet bird owners, and rescue and adoption sites. We are dedicated to the safe breeding and placing of our f

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Cockatiel Lovers & Friends of any Birds

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For breeders, pet bird owners, and rescue and adoption sites. We are dedicated to the safe breeding and placing of our feathered friends.

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   For the Love of Birds Preview Go
Specializing in sweet and cuddly handfed baby cockatiels. They are raised as pets in spacious, sunny bird room at my family home in central Maine. Variety of beautiful colors. Photos of available babies. Discussion of socialization, weaning, flight training and diet. Many avian links. Parrot Humor.
   Linda's Cockatiels Preview Go
A Cockatiels Page
   Cockatiel.com Awesome Cockatiel Photos Preview Go
Cockatiel.com is the perfect site for those who love their cockatiels and want the very best advice regarding training, nutrition and healthcare. You will also find interesting articles regarding cockatiel behavior and beautiful stories about the relationship between human and birds.

   All about parrots Preview Go
Information about purchasing a parrot and parrot care. Also homepage of my senegal parrot Iago, leadbeaters cockatoo Zazu, and Frank's birds (2 blue and gold macaws, two Congo African grey parrots and a galah) and Vogelplein's parrots (two Congo African grey parrots, a blue and gold macaw and two blue fronted amazons)
   Lair Of Dragons Bird Rescue Preview Go
We are a family based private bird rescue/sanctuary located in Lancaster, PA dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned, neglected and homeless birds. Serving Pa, Md and surrounding areas. Pennsylvania bird rescue
   Cockatiel Breeders Preview Go
Official site of the Cockatiel Breeders Group.
   Baby Feathers, LLC - Specialty breeder & Avian Aloe Preview Go
Offering Baby Feathers Avian Aloe Pure liquid along with other products, bird care & bird club. Developing excellent educational information on pet birds, parrots & exotic birds sources - parrot breeders, free pet classifieds, chats, caged bird club, Stop PDD 2003 The Grey PoopOn Challenge
   Lady Gouldian Finch Canada Preview Go
This website is dedicated to the the care, preservation, and responsible breeding of all erythrura ( parrot finches) and Australian Finches. Champion Breeders and Exhibitors of Gouldians and Parrot Finches (Red headed, Blue faced, tri-colour,pintail). We pride ourselves in bringing you the best cared for well acclimated birds around.
   AviMate Software - Your Bird Breeding Record Keeper Preview Go
Site of AviMate, bird breeder software, developed with help from avicultural expert and author Rick Jordan. Breeder, clutch, nursery, contact, invoice, and expense databases integrated together. 51 reports address virtually every breeder need. Optional PDA plugins for field use. Download your free 30-day trial software.

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