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Brain Teasers - This ring is for sites containing brain teasers, word  and puzzle challenges, optical illusions, tongue twisters, r

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Brain Teasers

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This ring is for sites containing brain teasers, word  and puzzle challenges, optical illusions, tongue twisters, riddles, etc,


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   Rubik's Cube Preview Go
Rubik’s cube (Rubix cube) is a mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Reno Rubik, Find many types of Rubik’s cubes, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and more, Rubik’s Cube easy solutions, Solve the Rubik Cube, History of the Rubik’s Cube.
   Rubiks #1 Best Selling Toy of ALL TIME Preview Go
Over 2000 types Rubiks cubes and related products
   Keenest of the Keen Preview Go
Only two people have solved it.

   Gemani Games and Puzzles Preview Go
A wide range of puzzles and games are available here. Mainly crafted out of various types of hardwood, they make creative ornaments as well as puzzling gifts. Games include traditional ones like chess and backgammon, and more exotic ones like mahjong mancala and go. The puzzles vary in difficulty from easy to almost impossible but all come with solutions
   Babala, mental aerobics --freeware Preview Go
Out of some high monastery comes Babala, a simple logical game with elements of move/shoot strategy. Muggers are afoot, lacking guns but deadly nonetheless. 200 expertly-crafted levels, ranging from super-easy to tearing your hair out. It's quite an ascent, a test of wits, not reflexes. There's a rigorous scoring system and Web high score posting. And try Cetris, ou
   Logic Puzzles Preview Go
On this page you will find logic puzzles for sale including free online printable Logic Puzzles. Find logic puzzles with a grid for adults, kids, children, middle school, kids, puzzles that can be bought or that I can print out. Puzzles on horses, children themes, history of the logic puzzle, answers, favorite, math, easy and hard, word puzzles, Christmas, books and more.
   Brain Teasers Network Preview Go
A free online collection of brain teasers, puzzles and games that challenge the mind.
   Quote Works Game Preview Go
Quote Works is a game where you solve quotation puzzles. Puzzles are randomly selected from thousands of puzzles among dozens of categories. You can even solve real-time puzzles using the current news headlines. Print pencil and paper puzzles to solve when you are away from your computer.

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