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The Courageous Cat Webring! - My cat Scruffy is, and has been, my 'guardian angel' on earth for over 15 years. He has protected me as if I were one o

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The Courageous Cat Webring!

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Manager: witchysharon
My cat Scruffy is, and has been, my 'guardian angel' on earth for over 15 years. He has protected me as if I were one of his own, (and of course I am) and even warned me the time there was an intruder in my home. He thought not for his own safety, did not run and hide from the stranger, but instead, scratched at my bedroom door and meowed frantically in order to wake me and let me know that something was wrong. Because of his bravery, I was able to notify the police and have the man arrested before any harm came about. He always stands between me and any visitor to my house, ready to accept the person if they pass his 'test', or he will growl at them if he senses danger, or something 'not right' about the persons intentions. Scruffy is also a survivor. Strong and full of life, he has overcome some physical obstacles. Once I thought I surely had lost him, he literally came back from the brink of death, strong as ever, and fully recovering from his brush with the grim reaper.

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