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Born To Darkness - The sites dedicated to the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, either books, characters or the author herself.

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Born To Darkness

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The sites dedicated to the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, either books, characters or the author herself.

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   Anne Rice World Preview Go
A very complete site, with everything you want to know about the books, characters and movies.
   Eternal Darkness Preview Go
Meet the Vampires of Anne Rice -- Join us in Eternal Darkness.
   The Lestathenaeum Preview Go
A site for the appreciation and veneration of Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat. Here you will find quotes, specs, links, pics, and philosophical ruminations pertaining to the luminous Brat Prince. Enjoy!

   The Vampire Lestat Preview Go
Homepage of the vampire lestat. latest news. queen of the damned the movie. anne rice talking about the movies. vampire links
   The Dark Ether -A Fansite of the Vampire Lestat- Preview Go
A Japanese Fansite of the Vampire Lestat based on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. Contains fan art & doll photo, information and gallery of books, movies and musical. Written in Japanese and English.
   Beautiful: Lestat de Lioncourt Preview Go
Fanlisting for Lestat's beauty.
   Of Blood and Gold Preview Go
"Though innocent you shall atone for the crimes of your fathers, Roman..." (Horace) - site of Marius de Romanus.
   SYNthesis: A Realm of Melancholy Delights Preview Go
.:[syn•the•sis: the combining of parts or elements so as to form a whole] Surrender to a dream of dark beauty...enter my realm wherein you will find original photography,paintings,typographics,graphic design as well as a digital art tribute to the characters of Anne Rice:.
   La Casa Preview Go
Vampire Chronicles fan fiction by Lara, Lis and Paula
   Carnal Reflections Preview Go
A gathering place for the immortals of the Anne Rice chronicles. Intellectual and articulate commentry from both mortal and immortal alike. Join the conversations, read their writings and speak to the immortals directly.

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