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BtVS: Diamond Tears - A Buffy the Vampire ring for all fan fiction using characters from the Buffy and Angel series or set in their worlds. Bt

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BtVS: Diamond Tears

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Manager: buffsta
A Buffy the Vampire ring for all fan fiction using characters from the Buffy and Angel series or set in their worlds. BtVS relationship fan fiction between any of the characters in Buffy or Angel particularly welcome. This Ring is not specific to any particular pairing, so here is where you will find the less commonly written about relationships as well as those ever popular couples.

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   Insatiable... Preview Go
A B/S shipper site that sees the love and passion between Spike and Buffy. Contains many pictures, fanfiction, graphics available and able to be made on request, much more to be added over the time
   The Anti-Spuffy v1.0 Preview Go
Spike/Drusilla shipper page mainly concerned with fanfiction. Firmly anti-Buffy/Spike and anti "good Spike". Fanfiction submissions welcome, in particular for vampire pairings or anything involving Faith :-)
   Crush Preview Go
A fan fiction site mainly focused on the unconventional relationships possible in the BtVS-universe.

   The Dance Preview Go
Site based on the Buffy/Spike Ship. BtVS oriented in general, with representation for each of the main characters that include papers and icons. Spuffy fanfiction and links as well.
   Sheshat's Online Library Preview Go
A (so far) small archive of BtVS/Angel fanfic: series-fic, drama, romance, humor, & adult fic. Open to submissions. Check out the rest of the Library for fandoms like BeastMaster, B5, due South, Farscape, Highlander, Mortal Kombat, Sentinel, The Crow & SG1.
   Unseen Preview Go
B/X page of a Xander archive with hundreds of stories. Frequently updated and accepting submissions.
   Willow's Ripper Preview Go
A site dedicated to the salty goodness that is ASH. Over 100 fanfics of all pairings, both slash and hetero. A small but quality photo gallery of ASH and links to lots of other great sites.
   There for You Preview Go
Darcy and Rachel's Angel/Cordelia fanfic archive.
   Buffy and Xander, Joy and Sorrow Preview Go
This is a site for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction. The stories here concentrate on romantic relationships between Buffy and Xander. The fanfics on the site are split into two different themes: 'Joy' which contains the happy, funny and silly stories, and 'Sorrow' which has the unhappy, angst filled tales. As well as stories, this site also contains poems which could be related to the Buffy/Xander relationship.
   This Time Around Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the Buffy/Riley relationship. Includes great fanfiction, episode quotes, and banner links!

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