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Politics of Canada - Anything about Canadian Politics, prime ministers, political parties, issues, Liberals, NDP, Conservatives and Quebec Se

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Politics of Canada

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Anything about Canadian Politics, prime ministers, political parties, issues, Liberals, NDP, Conservatives and Quebec Separatists. Federal, provincial and municipal. Mayors of major cities, local politics, Canadian sovereignty, etc.

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   Environment trips up Tories Preview Go
Stephen Harper has sketched out a vision of a new, right-wing political strategy that called for a cautious embrace of social conservatives and barely a second thought to environmentalism.
   Tory Green and the Oil Industry Preview Go
Tory green blitz fails to convince - Meanwhile the Alberta oil industry finds hot rock resource.
   Canada: A Virtual Country Preview Go
On the 153rd anniversary of Confederation, Canada goes through the motions yet again. Under sweltering skies, the prime minister still insists that Canada is "a young country," as he and his untutored predecessors have done since it really was a young country.

   Ontario Goes Nuclear Preview Go
It will cost Ontarians $46 billion to whip the province's troubled electricity system into shape to keep lights, air conditioners and factories running for the next 20 years.
   Private Schools Produce Tomorrow's Tech Leaders Preview Go
Five Reasons to send your kids to a private school. Tomorrow's technology more readily available and better preparing your kids for the technological future.
   The Babyboomer's Tab Preview Go
Canadian baby boomers are going to disappear en masse and they are going to leave fewer children behind. The annual cost: $38 billion by 2020.
   Stoking fundamentalist fury Preview Go
"I'm a Muslim atheist. When I see things going wrong in my community those with whom I share a history I have an obligation to make it known and challenge it."
   Brian Mulroney Vs Stephen Harper? Preview Go
Mulroney is starting to look pretty good in comparison.
   Gearing up for Election 2007 in Canada Preview Go
Liberals Vs Conservatives: Who will win the next election?
   Canadian Permatemps Preview Go
Currently about 13 per cent or close to 1.7 million of Canadian workers are temporary, performing contract, seasonal, casual or agency work. But whereas one in 10 new hires was a temporary worker in 1989, that ratio has risen to one in five, according to Statistics Canada.

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