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The Canadian Goth Webring - A ring for Canadians who consider themselves to be gothic in nature. Current members include goths from Toronto, Montrea

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The Canadian Goth Webring

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Manager: lilithezine
A ring for Canadians who consider themselves to be gothic in nature. Current members include goths from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, and other cities in Canada. Looking for Canadian Goth sites. Start your search here. Artwork by International Gothic artist Charles Alexander Moffat, who is based in Toronto.

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   Serpent's Temptation Preview Go
Fetish and Erotic Fantasy photography by F. Castel.
   International Gothic Metal Preview Go
Site discusses the underlying spirituality of Gothic metal. Apporopriate for people who like Gorgoroth, Rammstein, Immortal, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Kamelot, Deathstars, Godsmack, Manowar, Hammerfall, Blutengel, Nox Arcana, Epica, Therion. Links to a page with 10 short petitions for a better world.
   Dawn and Cerunnos, The Goddess Returns Preview Go
A image gallery about Dawn by Sirus. A comic book by Joseph Michael Linsner JML. Crypt of Dawn. Drama. Return of the Goddess.

   The Gothic eZine Preview Go
Articles about Gothic fashion, art, dance, music and culture.
   Killer Goth on the Rampage in Montreal Preview Go
Self-proclaimed "Angel of Death" Kills 1 and Injures 19.
   Gothic Art & Photography by Victoria Van Dyke Preview Go
Victoria Van Dyke's art is nasty, erotic, gothic and... Cannibalistic!!!??? Thats right. She's a cannibal.
   That's Soooo Chinky! Preview Go
Whats that word??? Chinky? Its cool on your skin like chainmail and its sweet as a velvet corset around your body. Chinky, Chinky, Chinky!
   Chain Mail Silver, handmade and unique Preview Go
Beneath the ominous peaks of the Taurus Range lay the hidden secrets of the mystical metal, silver. From earliest times this beautiful metal has been worked by Anatolian artisans into the distinctive chain mail silver forms you can buy only here. Available nowhere else on the globe, Anatolian silver was prized by ancient kings and queens stretching far back into the darkest ages.
   Gothic Lolitas: Goth Girls just wanna have Fun! Preview Go
One reporter's look at the new gothic-fashion look that has embraced Japan and is now coming to Toronto and North America. Goth is dead. Long live Goth.
   Stefanie Lynn Evans at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Her work could be described as gothic, surreal and sometimes twisted. Even a little depressing if it was not so cute and funny. She even did a cyborgian version of barbie, a homage to H. R. Giger. She cites John William Waterhouse, Salvador Dali, Michael Parkes, Clive Barker, and Tim Burton as her influences.

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