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The Great Canadian Sex Ring - Canadian Personals, sexuality, statistics, AIDS/HIV, STDs, contraception, music, dance, art, erotica, but no porn. - The

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The Great Canadian Sex Ring

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Canadian Personals, sexuality, statistics, AIDS/HIV, STDs, contraception, music, dance, art, erotica, but no porn. - The logo is by Toronto artist Bertram Brooker.



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   Harper Flip Flops on Same Sex Marriages Preview Go
Tories declare same-sex issue closed; 'I don't see reopening this,' Harper says after Commons' vote. Same-sex marriages are here to stay in Canada.
   Canada 2006 Preview Go
Looking back at Canada in 2006. Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan drinking Tim Hortons and getting killed (36 in 2006). Stephen Harper shook hands with a terrorist warlord by accident in March 2006. The Canadian Dollar climbs almost to par and more.
   Sexy Seniors and the Fountain of Youth Preview Go
Sexy sells, senior doesn't? Viagra, aging, sexuality, HGH pills and sex in the media.

   The Canadian Sex Industry Preview Go
A Look At Canadian Sex, Prostitution, Gay Rights and the World's Largest Penis. A little known fact about Canada: Prostitution and brothels are legal. In Canada, it is perfectly legal for consenting adults to exchange money for sex.
   Gay Comic Book Heroes Preview Go
WHY IS THERE NO LESBIAN OR BISEXUAL COMIC BOOKS HEROES (HEROINES)? I think there would be a much larger market out there for it. Afterall, even the straight guys would read it. As the resident bi person at this website, I could really go for a femme fatale bi comic book heroine.
   The Lilith Gallery of Toronto Preview Go
Feminist, political and controversial art by international and Canadian artists.
   Politics, Cocaine & Anal Sex Preview Go
The Life and Politics of Andre Boisclair
   The Autobiography of Victoria Van Dyke Preview Go
Controversial lesbian artist known for her "castration poetry", her retro-erotica collages and her cannibalistic photography. Victoria Van Dyke was raped by two men when she was only 13 years old. She now uses her past as a tool to warn others about pedophiles/rapists. 1 out of every 3 women are sexually abused.
   The Lolita Complex Preview Go
What do Sue Lyon, Dominique Swaine, Brooke Shields, Mena Suvari, The Olsen Twins & Britney Spears have in common? Find out here. Warning: This site contains nudity!
   Toplessness: A Right All Women Deserve Preview Go
"Celebrities go practically topless at the Oscars... so why can't we?"

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