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Commodore  - Just when you thought thought old computers were dead, we've sprung back. Well, really, we never left. Long live the Com

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
Just when you thought thought "old" computers were dead, we've sprung back. Well, really, we never left. Long live the Commodore. The Commodore ring is a collection of Commodore 64, 128, Pet, and Amiga related web pages to entertain you, interest you, and stupify you. You never know what you left behind. Curious? Visit now...



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   The CBM Files Preview Go
Software For Commodore C64 and C128
   Rick Derocher's 64 page. Preview Go
Download two of Rick Derocher's games from this site.
   C64 Resources Preview Go
C64 Resources, with links to MP3s of audio tapes, ready to deploy :)

   Commodore 64 - Chile Preview Go
Chilean site about Commodore 64. Sitio Chileno acerca del Commodore 64.
   HomeComputer Museum Preview Go
History, utilities and emulators for Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, Commodore, MSX, Spectrum and Texas.
   Morgoth's c64 page Preview Go
i have games 2 download reviews/links/software s 2 download and much more come see it yourself
   ?REDO FROM START Preview Go
?REDO FROM START is an Italian site aiming at reminiscing about the golden age of home computing, as a way of preserving and documenting the retrocomputing culture also through people's memories. The site cannot thrive without the help of the retrocomputing community, so please visit the site and share your own stories! The site also offers plenty of retro-stuff (software, pictur
   WAV-PRG and other Commodore stuff Preview Go
This site hosts WAV-PRG, a tool cor converting C64 cassettes to PC and back. It also describes how a C64 cassette works, collects info about C64 tape loaders, and some other misc info
   Commodore 64 & Amiga Universe Preview Go
World of Commodore
   VIC-20 -- Digital Archeology Preview Go
This web site honors the memory of the Commodore VIC-20 home computer system and its software library.

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