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...China... - The Mandarin (pu-tong-hwa) word for China is Zhong Guo, which means Centre Land or Centre of the World. China truly is t

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The Mandarin (pu-tong-hwa) word for China is "Zhong Guo", which means "Centre Land" or "Centre of the World". China truly is the centre of the world. In the 21st Century China will rise to become the first truly powerful MEGAPOWER, leaving superpowers like United States, Russia and the EU in their dust. With a booming economy, a strong work ethic, and a government that has set its goals higher than any other nation, China is leaving other countries in their dust. The United States is in DEBT to China. Chinese is the world's most popular language. 24% of the world speaks Chinese. (Spanish is 5.5% and English is 4.8%.) Isn't it time you started learning Chinese? It is already more important than english as a language of business. - - - We should never forget the horrific events of Tiananmen Square.

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We seem more obsessed than ever with the Middle East, Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. With the exception of business stories and periodic special reports about the "rise of China" and more recently "the rise of India," the transformation of the Far East and South Asia remains only on the fringes of the consciousness of many people.
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China is the world's only megapower, with GDP growth three times that of the United States China is leaving other countries in its wake as its economy has becomes more and more dominant. Take a look at China's historical background and economic powerhouse. Communism is out the door as China goes capitalist.
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