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Democratic WebRing - Any website that supports the Democratic Party or liberal politics is welcome! Republicans need not apply.

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Any website that supports the Democratic Party or liberal politics is welcome! Republicans need not apply.

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   Truman 1948 Campaign Speech, Give Them Hell! Preview Go
Harry S. Truman 1948 Campaign Speech (Give Them Hell!). Speech given on Oct 1, 1948 at Charleston, West Virginia. This is the biggest upset in Presidential Election History! What did he say on the stump that made it happen? Well, here is what he said one month before the election. Learn my friends.
   David and Jonathen Preview Go
A gay civil union or marriage in the bible, David, yes that one, highly favored by God, chosen by God to be king of Israel, before any of these events, first fell in love and 'covented with Jonathan, King Saul's son, they even renewed their vows. I give the chapters and verses, from the king james bible
   I'm a Democrat Preview Go
This tells you why I wouldn't vote for a Republican

   Barack Obama - Animal Welfare Advocate Preview Go
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's stand on animal rights and welfare: he's helping abolish inhumane horse slaughter, puppy mills, dogfighting and other cruelties towards animals
   Left Of Christ! Preview Go
I am a Liberal Christian, I have always been Christian, and always been Liberal, as were my parents before me. I am Left Of Christ!!
   Vote Democratic in 2002 Preview Go
Vote Democratic in 2002 and 2004! This site has some democratic information, how to help the democratic cause, and some comics about the Bush administration and the GOP
   Kerry Supporters in Snohomish County WA Preview Go
Learn about John Kerry, times and places of area events, conventions and opportunities to support John Kerry for President
   Common Nonsense Preview Go
Observations of common human intelligence failures.
   Hookup for Dean Preview Go
Help Howard Dean defeat Dubya in 2004! Also, have sex.
   Democratic Talk Radio Preview Go
A militantly Democratic talk radio site and more. Playable radio programs and interviews hosted by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence. Active message board (all can read but only Democrats can post). Extensive links. Started as a result of Selection 2000.

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