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Quality Palladium Material - The Quality Palladium Web Ring is a web ring dedicated to professional and original RPG material for Rifts, Palladium Fa

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Quality Palladium Material

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The Quality Palladium Web Ring is a web ring dedicated to professional and original RPG material for Rifts, Palladium Fantasy, Nightbane, Ninjas and Super Spies, Beyond the Supernatural, Recon, Mechanoid Invasion, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Original Games. and all other Palladium Games.

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   Jims Gaming world Preview Go
A site dedicated to Ninjas & susperspies, and most of Palladiums other modern era RPG.
   Rifts - Wolf Pack Mercenary Corps. Preview Go
Original Weapons, Armor, Equipment, and Vehicles are what we specialize in. Every single entry is fully illustrated in detail with great originally designed pics. These are absolutely unique pics and descriptions of a thriving industrial Mercenary Company. We also have a Techno-Wizardry section and Original OCC's as well. I am also here to help my fellow gamers in any way possible. Enjoy the site.
   Meefman's Rifts Page Preview Go
Everything you need for Rifts! Spells, Magic Items, Techno-Wizardry, Mystic Herbology, Bio-Wizardry, Equipment, Heroes Unlimited Stuff, Cities, Monsters, OCC's, New Races, and a Campaign World, I plan to add a lot of stuff!

   Quality Palladium Material Web Ring Preview Go
Home Page of the Quality Palladium Material Web Ring
   Vortex Rifts Preview Go
Dedicated to all things Rifts, Vortex Rifts contains house rules, new equipment, weapons, and armour, skill and spell lists, and background details for my Rifts Campaign.
   Repliq Preview Go
Pre-Rifts replica Energy Weapons and new Glitterboy Variants
   Stan Bundy's Robotech and Palladium Page Preview Go
Home of several lengthy Robotech fanfics, the original Palladium FAQ, and files for every major Palladium RPG. Original home of the ABP-Z4 pod published in The Rifter #5.
   Vortex Rifts Mechanoids Preview Go
Developed from ideas in my Rifts Campaign and a freinds Mechanoids campaign, my new Rifts Mechanoids campaign puts a new spin on the Mechanoids return. Note - This has nothing to do with Palladium Games long awaited Mechanoid Space.

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