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Conservative - CONSERVATIVE: Sites offering politically conservative views. This includes right-leaning libertarians and conservative D

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CONSERVATIVE: Sites offering politically conservative views. This includes right-leaning libertarians and conservative Democrats. The focus is on political conservatism not religious conservatism. Party is not the issue. Conservative is the issue.


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   Just The Facts: Destroying America from Within Preview 1 review(s) — Go
A Website to help Preserve Conservative values and the American Way Of Life that is being threatened by Democrats, Socialsts, and Terrorists.
   Home Page for this Webring Preview Go
Home Page for this Webring
   The Neo Con Blogger Preview Go
'Right Thoughts' on topics relevant to us all: Liberty, Defense, Politics, Media, Education, Terror, Cuba, Israel, Family and anything else I can think of. Mostly serious, but sometimes funny. Never wrong - Always Right!

   Conservative Cathie's Preview Go
Words of Wisdom - with a conservative bent.
   Joe Pass' Conservative Translator Preview Go
Educational, recreational, topics include funny trivia, jokes, and fascinating trivia and editorials.
   IAC MAN'S Blog Preview Go
Personal insights on popular culture, mainstream media and today's politics. One minute I could be writing about peace in the Middle East the next minute reflectiing on a The Three Stoogies. You just never know.
   The Conservative Unitarian Universalist Preview Go
Issues, News, Action Alerts, etc. Drop by to talk or exchange vegetarian recipies!
   Global discussion of todays politics. Preview Go
an open forum to discuss world views of political issues. An attempt to educate in the ideas of conservatism while explaining my views.
   World Libertarian Order Preview Go
Worldwide organization stressing natural sequence in attainment of peace on Earth. Absolute individual liberty with race and culture preservation, leads to prosperity, which in turn leads to peace. Establish free enterprise everywhere. Ongoing prosperity and peace will then follow naturally.
   EXPOSED: The Transgender Agenda Preview Go
Everywhere people are waking up, beginning to take notice of the nefarious Transgendered Agenda playing out in our generationóbut there's a lack of understanding about what it will truly mean for our society if the Transgendereds get their way. Well here it is, spelled out in clear common sense language, explained simply enough that even progressive liberals won't be able to deny the far-reaching implications of... The Transgendered Agenda.

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