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Constructed Languages & Codes - All man-made means of communication, in special constructed or artificial languages, and codes. ~*~ Welcome to this Ring

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Constructed Languages & Codes

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All man-made means of communication, in special constructed or artificial languages, and codes. ~*~ Welcome to this Ring are Pages on Language Creation, Language reforms (English & any other language), International Languages (ex.: Esperanto), special languages created & used in literature (ex.: in J.R.R.Tolkien's & L.Carroll's work), in films (ex.: StarTrek & Star Wars), or in any other creative work of art, as well as a variety of established communication codes (ex.: Morse & Flags). ~*~ Pages devoted to machine translation & related algorithms (whether scientific or fiction, such as StarTrek's Universal Translator) may also join, as well as pages focusing on cognitive structures, models or algorithms underlying linguistic coding & the communication process (be it verbal, non-verbal, oral or written communication that is at stake). ~*~ Is your site related? Join us now! OBS:

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   The Loglan Institute Inc. Preview Go
Loglan is a constructed language, invented by the late James Cooke Brown as a tool for investigating the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. It is based on predicate logic, speakable, and syntactically unambiguous.
   The LARA Language Preview Go
Lara is an artistic fictional language began in 1991 by Alex-Lexa. Initially it was created for amusement, but at present it has a vocabulary of more than 7000 words and a complete grammar.
   Views of Language Preview Go
This is mostly a page to guide you to other sources of information. Learn about my interest and background in linguistics, especially Esperanto.

   Neovar-Froeteystar-Vyk star Germanytzar Preview Go
The home of New-Proto-West Germanic, the every growing international auxilary language that improves on English, Low & High German, Dutch, Frisian, Afrikaans, and Yiddish; retaining excellent articulation while simplifying grammar. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and very practical!
   Esperanto Preview Go
How to get your computer ready for Esperanto to read web documents in Esperanto and create them. In English. Help with accented letters, computer terminology, fonts.

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