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Conures - Conures are medium sized parrots found only in the Western Hemisphere. The genus “conure” is no longer recog

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Conures are medium sized parrots found only in the Western Hemisphere. The genus “conure” is no longer recognized by ornithologists. Instead these birds are now called parrots or parakeets. All “conure” species live in Central or South America. They typically live in groups of 20 or more birds. Conures is a group of websites providing information on the various conure species available as pet birds today. Their websites provide information on the life history including breeding and the raising of baby birds in addition to discussion on their physical needs and their potential as pet birds. Everyone that enjoys learning about the birds of Central and South America will enjoy visiting these websites.



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   Parrots are Perfect Pets Preview Go
Parrots are Perfect Pets is a site for the whole family lots of parrot photos, interactive effects, other effects, eBooks, printed items, parrot articles, members section, free newsletter, large e-greetings, and 50 games.
   Skittles' Nest on the Web Preview Go
Meet Skittles, a sun conure. Stories, pictures and related links.
   Beaver Creek Aviary Pet Bird Supplies Preview Go
Pet bird supplies, Roudybush, Sun Seed, ABBA Seed, Hagen, Pretty Bird, Zupreem, Spray Millet, Nuts, Goldenfeast, Cuttlebone, Laviva Cages. Secure ordering.

   The Cage Page Preview Go
A small primarily pictorial site featuring our Nanday Conure, Fenix and our Sun Conure, Jimi. Plan to offer more in the future. For the present, enjoy the pictures.
   Burge Bird Services Preview Go
A Kansas City avian veterinarian who also breeds parrots. Babies include Dusky, Green Cheek, Blue Crown, White Eyed, and Nanday Conures; Blue Front and Orange Wing Amazons; and Congo African Grey Parrots.
   SevenParrots - For Parrots and Their Humans Preview Go
A website owned by birds. This is our personal site - a place to put photos of ourselves and for Mom to share what she's learned about living with an avian family.
   Larry Bird the Black-Capped Conure Preview Go
Come visit my Larry Bird world and learn more about me and Black-Capped Conures.
   Bubba Bird Preview Go
This site is about Bubba, a Mitred Conure, and his life with his extended family, including "Mama Bird" (his human) and his "sisters" (Goldie, Congo Louie and Africa)
   Soleil Preview Go
A page about my baby Soleil, a sun conure ...
   Mamabird's Nest Preview Go
My site is dedicated to my pet parrots and is an expression of my love for all birds.

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