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.:Cybergoths:. - The Cyber Goth webring is meant for goths with an edgy cyber-matrix look to their website, their personality, etc. Goth

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Manager: lilithezine
The Cyber Goth webring is meant for goths with an edgy cyber-matrix look to their website, their personality, etc. Goth sites pertaining to anything from fetishes, bdsm, music, cybersex, fashion, artwork. Fans of The Matrix, Blade Runner and other cyberpunk movies/books are also welcome. Websites about cyborgian theory are also welcome, like "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Cybergoths with attitude.

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   CyPunk Preview Go
A comprehensive cyberpunk resources and links. Here you can find lot of resources, from books to movies, from biographies to drugs, all about cyberpunk.
   Gothic Girls: Pretty in Porn Preview Go
Alternative pornography is challenging the Playboy idea of beauty. An article exploring gothic erotica/porn and how it is changing the pornographic landscape. There is NO PORN on this site. All images have been censored.
   Elizabeth Bathory at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Gothic art, photography, architecture and fashion design by Romanian artist/architect Elizabeth Moisei.

   The Gothic eZine Preview Go
Articles about Gothic fashion, art, dance, music and culture.
   That's Soooo Chinky! Preview Go
Whats that word??? Chinky? Its cool on your skin like chainmail and its sweet as a velvet corset around your body. Chinky, Chinky, Chinky!
   Stefanie Lynn Evans at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Her work could be described as gothic, surreal and sometimes twisted. Even a little depressing if it was not so cute and funny. She even did a cyborgian version of barbie, a homage to H. R. Giger. She cites John William Waterhouse, Salvador Dali, Michael Parkes, Clive Barker, and Tim Burton as her influences.
   Fyre and Ice Chainmaille Preview Go
Metal fashions and jewelry from the exotic to the chaotic. Serving the Goth, Vamp, Fetish, Faire, Biker, Celtic, Alternative and Clubbing communities since 1998. We offer a diverse line of custom jewelry and chain maille items, come in and browse. Whether this is your first adventure, or a continuing journey, let us craft the perfect chain maille design for you.
   The Art & Philosophy of Cannibalism Preview Go
The art and philosophy of eating people? Yes. Its true. Cannibalism is an artform and a philosophy. I believe in cannibalism. And that belief transforms itself into my art. But why do I believe in cannibalism? Because of science (HGH, human growth hormone) and mythology (vampires).
   Nightmares in the Morning Preview Go
"Nightmares in the Morning" was made in the January and February of 2001. Each individual photograph represents a small nightmare that is part of a much bigger narrative. Nightmare #74 is the most famous of the pieces. It is sometimes called "Nightmare in the Morning #74: Death".
The manifesto of the Neo-Gothic Art Movement (revised).

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