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Dark Vampires Webring - Dark Vampires is a ring of vampiric nature. Site lists poetry by e-mail members, Vampire Personals and links to other va

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Dark Vampires Webring

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Manager: sphynxcatvp
Dark Vampires is a ring of vampiric nature. Site lists poetry by e-mail members, Vampire Personals and links to other vampire sites. No role playing allowed, this is specifically for those of vampiric nature, or interest in the vampire lifestyle.


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   Bleeding Ribbon Bloodplay Awareness Campaign Preview Go
The Bleeding Ribbon Bloodplay Awareness Campaign is a campaign to demystify the ideas and practices involved in bloodplay.
   MoonGoddessOfTheHunt - Occult Research Database Preview Go
Facts about Vampires, Werewolves, Wicca, Spells, Resources, Fiction, music, novels, movies, RPG, news stories, History, and notable dates...I can't even begin to name it all! You can find everything you want to know about Occult related issues and you can meet people interested in the Occult, ask and answer ?'s, promote your related site, or just learn a
   Vampire seeks vamp. Preview Go
I am an experienced vampire who seeks a vamp for companionship, mind games, erotic encounters, shopping, travel to foreign grave sites, and other pleasures of the flesh. I am driven to live on the edge, travel to gothic churches, mayan burial grounds, keltic ruins, music venues, northern italian restaurants, catlunya, and Paris. I follow the Goddess and seek her made fl

   House Crimson Moon Preview Go
Our goal is to unite REAL vampires across the state of New Jersey- bringing our brethren together in an atmosphere of trust,support and sharing. We exist as place where vampires (whether Sanguine,Psy or Elemental) can come together to build bonds, share, socialize and lend support. Crimson Moon stands as a reprieve from society's ignorance,intolerance and judgemental eye. P
   Vampires In My Mind Preview Go
Here you can find pictures and drawings of fictional vampires, fiction and poetry written by me, personal stuff and more.
   Ordo Crux Ansata Preview Go
Website dedicated to helping others in the vampire community who are newly awakened. Based in Houston Texas.
   Real-Vampires Preview Go
Understanding the truth about real vampires and helping to dispel the old myths along with new ones that current books and movies have introduced are the main purposes of this website. Through a better understanding of real vampires hopefully someday we can be more open about ourselves to those we love and even to the general public. In addition I hope to be able to give some guidance and assistance to newly awakening vampires as well as any help a mature vampire may be needing through an easy to use live chat.
   QC BloodLines Chapter Preview Go
QC BloodLines Chapter is a part of the BloodLines International group. Our goal as a group is to help unite Vampires/Vampyers, Weres, Witches,Otherkin, Donors, Supports, and those who are curious and want to learn more. This is a online and offline group. QC BloodLines is for those who live in the province of QUEBEC.
   The Vampire Project Preview Go
An online vampire research portal, with resources and information, folklore and historical writings, and otherkin related materials. All topics covered here deal with vampires or other kin.
   The Vampire Family Blogger Preview Go
Official blog for The Vampire Family novel by Kristin Battestella! Excerpts, photos, interviews, and more!

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