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Anti-Republican - Untitled document Find here politically liberal sites (many but not all actively supporting the Democratic party but non

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Find here politically liberal sites (many but not all actively supporting the Democratic party but none attacking it) that may not express thoughts that agree precisely with one another's but all do agree the Republican party has become something quite different from what Abraham Lincoln had in mind for it.  If you're for all the people, not just for the rich people, you may find something of interest here.


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   The Dick..... Cheney Preview Go
The Big Dick Cheney, In his own words. Let him tell you about Authur Andersen, Halliburton, Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction, united nations, Job creation and much more.
   Bush Family and Administration Values Preview Go
Remember when Jr said he was going to restore honor to the office? Well, here is Bush family and administration values. Come on in and compare Bush with Clinton. Pardons, Nazis, Drunk Driving, Cocaine, smuggler.
   Who is Caring for American Families Preview Go
American families are seeing increase in loss of jobs, more illegal alien benefits, higher incarceration rates, and poorer living standards. Is this REALLY America? We can't take one more year of Bush, let alone 5 more years. Stop the Maddness now, Bush is out of control.

   Bernie Sanders Preview Go
An Independent from Vermont, has always 'gone rogue', but always been for the people, and now he fights for the middle class, he's hoping for the nomination of the Democratic ticket. I've explained, "socialism" and "pro-choice" An artistic creative blog!
   Liberal Political Views Preview Go
Images that teach, inform and educate the public, there for the taking, post on facebook, and twitter, this is our effort to save our country, and for those who may think that the word 'Liberal' is a dirty word, it means Generous, it means Love.
   Beware of the Bush Voting System Preview Go
Massive effort to subvert the voting system of this nation. The Patriot Act and Voting Reform legislation (HAVA) has mandated the implementation of a "Touch-Screen" or "Electronic" voting machine in YOUR states. This is being silenced in the subversive lame-stream media. A blackout has been declared. This is a major fraud on the American people.
   genessa -- to pledge or not to pledge! Preview Go
An essay about the United States' Pledge of Allegiance, by GENESSA's Lady G AKA Gail M Feldman.
   The Top 52 Reasons to Vote Republican in 2004...Or Not Preview Go
Can't think of a reason to vote Republican? We're here to help. Well...maybe.
   underground-stickers.net Preview Go
Crude but effective free distribution of wickedly funny, macro-based, anti-republican stickers.
   Pruning the Bushes and Right Wing Weeds Preview Go
We love pruning the Bushes and right wing weeds. FloridaGate updates watching Jeb Bush & friends too. Almost-daily phototoons w/ audio.

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