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The True Face Of Dementia Webring - The True Face of Dementia Webring is for web pages of a slightly twisted nature. Freaky, Kinky, and Alternative, maybe e

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The True Face Of Dementia Webring

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Manager: wizardmirlin
The True Face of Dementia Webring is for web pages of a slightly twisted nature. Freaky, Kinky, and Alternative, maybe even a bit sick, but remember folks, it's just for fun.


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   The Devil Preview Go
Really, not such a bad fellow. He'll let a few of his friends explain.
   Portfolio of Jim Conte Preview Go
A portfolio of paintings, drawings, illustrations and graphic design by Jim Conte
   Fun With Asbestos Preview Go
Asbestos has been around for over 2000 years and has been used for many wonderful things. Sadly due to the fact that many people have died because of this wonderful product, it is no longer allowed to be used commerically. But this site here is so you can take all that asbestos you find at your house, work or kids school and use them in a varity of ways or products that you can't get anywhere else

   Baazel the Alien's Choose-Yer-Venture Story Realm Preview Go
Baazel's realm is a place where YOU get to guide the endings to crazy adventures about a strange alien who has come to Earth to get stoned and bum cigarettes.
   WhiteTiger's Lair Preview Go
Come...visit my Lair...if you dare.
   With Two Girlfriends Preview Go
Intriguing novel about a college man who lives with two beautiful women. The sex is very good, but otherwise they treat him very badly. One day he finds a book of strange tales about sexual captvity in the Nineteenth Century. Each morning as he reads another of the stories, the solution to his problem begins to take shape. A mixture of light and darkness, pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. For mature communities. Involves sexual captivity, torture, psychiatry, medicine, forensics, existentialism, and libertine lifestyles. Links to a page with 10 short petitions for a better world.
   theRidiculous.com-Where the Fool is King Preview Go
Daily Jokes, Site of the Day, Joke Post, Ridiculous News Headlines, images, movies. If it's Ridiculous, it'll show up on theRidiculous.com
   The End of the Last Iceage Preview Go
Organ of initiation of a parasitic Discordian-Dadaist cult. Celebrating the Goddess through cartoon nudity, semiotic sodomy and plagarism.

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