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Democrats Only... - Democratic Party ring. Anything Democratic. We want to build links to all the state parties, All the great men and women

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Democrats Only...

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Democratic Party ring. Anything Democratic. We want to build links to all the state parties, All the great men and women from the past and all the current members. Be a Democrat and be Proud. Anti GOP sites are welcome.

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   Great Democratic Speeches Preview Go
Democratic Party Speech site.Speeches by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hubert Humphrey, Jesse Jackson, Mario Cuomo, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Adlai E. Stevenson, Harry S. Truman, Woodrow Wilson, all the great democrats
   Grover Cleveland Quotes Preview Go
President Cleveland Quotes. The first Democrat after the Civil War. We Love him For the enemies he made.
   Bernie Sanders! Preview Go
This independent senator from Vermont, could be our next President! He has fought for the middle class most all his life, he is not for sale! He is a fresh face, his fund raising is in small contributions, and he has already out fund raised Hillary, and 'polled' ahead of her, He does not believe in negative campaigning. I am a Christian Democrat, I have taken on the issues of "Socialism" and "Pro-choice" in a Christian way.

   The War Prayer! Preview Go
Written by Mark Twain, this short story rejected by his publishers was found after his death. I have added comments and quotes, very thought provoking!
   Barack Obama - Animal Welfare Advocate Preview Go
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's stand on animal rights and welfare: he's helping abolish inhumane horse slaughter, puppy mills, dogfighting and other cruelties towards animals
   Left Of Christ! Preview Go
I am a Liberal Christian, I have always been Christian, and always been Liberal, as were my parents before me. I am Left Of Christ!!
   Dubya Is As Dumb As Paint Preview Go
A satirical Elect Dubya site
   Young Progressives Project Preview Go
Project in the DC metro area to provide networking opportunities and professional development for progressive young people.
   Bush Misunderestimated Preview Go
News, Commentary and Satire probing the radical agenda of right-wing politics like a doctor with big hands. Includes strategies and activism for ousting Bush & Co. in 2004!
   Vote!! Voting Information & Links Preview Go
a list of links to register to vote, learn about the issues & more.

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