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The Journalism & News Webring - This is a ring for journals, journalism, art, art history, poetry, music, writing, news, facts and personal sites that h

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The Journalism & News Webring

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This is a ring for journals, journalism, art, art history, poetry, music, writing, news, facts and personal sites that have real feelings and emotions, nothing fake please!

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   Record pump prices forecast Preview Go
The average price for a litre of gas could hit 85 cents in Toronto and more in other parts of Canada. That's almost 2 cents above last year's Toronto high of 83.1 cents, which was a record, and 20 cents above yesterday's average price at the pumps across the city. The previous record was set last March at the onset of the Iraq war, which threatened to disrupt crucial supplies of crude oil from the Middle East.
   Long Term Viagra Use Eventually Destroys Sex Drive Preview Go
NEW YORK TIMES - According to a new study published in the United States and Britain, long term use of the drug Viagra eventually DESTROYS a male's sex drive.
   Revenge of the Sith: Metaphors of War Preview Go
"In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the First Galactic Empire! For a safe and secure society!" - Emperor Palpatine, proclaiming himself emperor.

   Siesta Fever Preview Go
Facts and information about siestas and how a little nap every day is not only more healthy and natural, it may even help you with other health problems you didn't realize were related to sleeping.
   The Pyroterrorists Are Coming!!! Preview Go
Very soon, it will be summer. In fact, this summer is predicted by some scientists to be one of the hottest summers in the last 100 years. They are expected heat-waves and wide spread crop failure. People are also expecting a wave of pyroterrorists burning down the nation's forests...
   Russian Oil & the WEIGHT of Oil in Politics Preview Go
Russia has arrested Michail Khodorkovsky (CEO of Yukos) on charges of fraud & corruption, following suit of America's crackdown on companies such as Enron & Martha Stewart. Chevron-Texaco sicked George W. Bush on the issue for them. Bush is undoubtably the lapdog of the oil companies for sticking his nose into the Russian oil business...
   The World's Smallest Countries Preview Go
Bassas da India, Vatican City, Monaco, Tuvalu, Pitcairn Islands, San Marino, Christmas Island, Sao Tome & Principe, Gambia, El Salvador, Suriname, Uruguay, Guyana and many more.
   Little Mosque on the Prairie Preview Go
Muslim comedy takes Canada and the USA by storm. Show defuses hate with humor.
   The Sumerian Legend of Lilith Preview Go
This epic poem was translated from an ancient hebrew version of the Sumerian legend of Lilith (Lilitu in Sumerian), an agricultural/fertility goddess. Her myth is found in over 100 different religions and has numerous name variatians. In the Bible Lilith is the first wife of Adam & in Greek mythology she is the goddess of the dark moon (Artemis is the goddess of the full moon).
   Birth Control Vs. Overpopulation Preview Go
Birth control, overpopulation, food shortages, pollution, condoms, abortion, the Pill, family planning, water shortages, economic chaos and war...

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