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The Tuktoyaktuk Travelling Library - A webring for fan fiction based on the television show Due South. All sites must contain at least four pieces of fan fic

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The Tuktoyaktuk Travelling Library

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A webring for fan fiction based on the television show Due South. All sites must contain at least four pieces of fan fiction featuring characters from the show. Slash and Gen both welcome. Some sites may contain adult material.

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   Innusiq's Due South Site Preview Go
This site is mainly to display Due South FanFiction written by me and a few other odds and ends.
   Unhinged Preview Go
All Fraser/RayK slash and two lonely little HCL Joe/Billy stories, as well as Kittens in a Toaster, my free-range rant/recs/whatever page. Love, marshmallow peeps, fluff and the occasional hot sex scene!
   Slash Priestess' due South Fan Fiction Preview Go
due South Fan Fiction. Mostly slash featuring Benny and Ray Vecchio Classic, but there are a few other odds and ends as well.

   Sheshat's Online Library Preview Go
General and adult fic; humor and romance. Visit the rest of the Library for BeastMaster, Buffy, Beauty & the Beast, B5, Farscape, Highlander, Mortal Kombat, Crow, Sentinel, Stargate & more. Submissions welcome!
   Melanie's Due South Page Preview Go
Due South Fanfiction by Melanie. Thoughtful, episode-related stories, brain teasers, and Melanie on a Soapbox. Home of the Epic Limerick from Heck (Pilot, pt. 1) and of the Explanation.
   Armani and Serge Aingeal's Due South Fanfic Site Preview Go
A site of Due South slash fanfiction featuring Fraser/Vecchio only.
   Frasrgrl's due South Page Preview Go
This site is dedicated to fan fiction. It is comprised of my continuing saga about Contable Benton Fraser and Kassandra Montgomery. The stories are all take place in an A/U setting. The ratings range from R to NC-17.
   La Zona Slash Preview Go
The Slash zone has slash fiction of Due South in English and in Spanish, and also some interesting facts of Mexican culture and Slash moments of the series.
   Meghan Black's Fraser-Kowalski Slash Preview Go
A little angst, a little schmoop and alot of Bad!Ben.
   The Pita Pattern Preview Go
Due South Slash Fan Fiction - A Fraser/Vecchio oriented site

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