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.Dungeons and Dragons Resources. - A network of sites promoting free resources for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Include free modules and

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.Dungeons and Dragons Resources.

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A network of sites promoting free resources for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Include free modules and maps to new feats and magic items all the way to new campaign worlds, and much MUCH more. If your site can be included with the description above, you are free to join.

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   Traykon Role Playing Site Preview Go
Resources and aids for players and DMs alike. Downloadable programs, skill bonuses, feat listings, and much more! Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder material for all.
   The World of Jamboloydia Preview Go
An AD&D 2. edition world created for campaign use. Complete with unique worldmap, gods and custom classes and much more.
   Grey's Castle... Preview Go
Simply the best 2E D&D site... Files, Forums, Games... There's name generators... Spells... 2E rules for Highlander, based on the Movie... And MUCH MUCH more... AND It is still growing!!!

   Shakandara: World of Dreams, Realm of Nightmares Preview Go
Dedicated to the Shakandara campaign world creation of Vincent Hendricks in its many incarnations, the site is loaded with information specific to the campaign and resources that can be introduced to any setting. With forums, history, personalities, and new monsters, magic items, and classes, there is something for every campaign here.
   Forgotten Realms Helps Preview Go
Helps, spells, feats and more, all for the Forgotten Realms
   House of Khilat Preview Go
Information about The Ultimate Campaign gaming group set in the Forgotten Realms, including characters, magic items, specialty priests, kits and secret societies.
   Luthien & Talmar Creations Preview Go
! Here you will find tons of 3rd Edition D&D material from spells to feats. All created by Luthien & Talmar. We do not add material from other websites only stuff we have created for our d&d games.
   The World of Krell Preview Go
The fantasy world of Krell, where the blade and magic rules all. Based on a series of unpublished novels. Features original maps, races and a host of downloads.
   Dragon Gates Preview Go
Worlds, maps, gods and places to explore for the D&D game.
   Dragon Scales Wonderful World Preview Go
Mages, Clerics, Classes, Spells, and oh so much more to much to list. It is all here

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