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Down With Everything! - DOWN WITH EVERYTHING!: Down with shitty pages! Down with politics! Down with political correctness! Down with you! Down

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Down With Everything!

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DOWN WITH EVERYTHING!: Down with shitty pages! Down with politics! Down with political correctness! Down with you! Down with me! Down with EVERYTHING! --- So, what is left? Sites with an attitude. Sites that are critical of the world today and which offer insightful criticisms of our current lives. ::::::::::::::::::::jliv066:wrtr:wrgy:regular/theme

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Should be viewed using Firefox. I'll explain why on the site. / In response to comments about my report of my trip to Burning Man 2001 with the Green Tortoise: Would one not agree that breach of contract is wrong? How about, leaving a paying customer begging for food in the middle of a desert? Supported by at least one member of BMORG, somebody defended this on ePlaya, basing his defense in part on the fact that the victim was disabled! Here's that disabled person's response.
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DOWN WITH STUPID PEOPLE. Starting with this list of idiots we know.
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Home Page for this Webring

   Essential Facts for World Liberty Preview Go
Find out what people mean when they say "Follow the Money". This site explains in simple terms about who really is responsible for all of the big problems we have on Earth, and how we can change it in our lifetimes. Includes a large selection of links to detailed information useful in this context.
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Cracked and Confounded cynicisms, criticisms, and occassionally creative crap all consolidated in one convenient cage.
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James S Huggins is an eclectic professional speaker, author & technologist; His personal site, the Refrigerator Door, features the information, stories and humor that interest him; Major sections include Multiple Sclerosis, the U-2 Spy Plane, Privacy, Motivation, Cherokee and Quotations; It also features one of the net's most extensive information resources on webrings and webring systems.
   The Frog Blog. Eco-Talk! Preview Go
FrogBook.com is a blog that discusses the latest news on the environment, wildlife, animal rights, and science in general; their political and social implications will be deconstructed and debated - hopefully with a degree of frog-humor. Post your comments!
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Satirical Sci-fi/Fantasy/Political Artwork and Tales for the pro-secular fascinated with the morbidity of life and love. Free Wallpaper. Screenplays.

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