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Eastern Philosophy Webring - Open to all websites on Eastern Philosophy....... from the Middle East to the Far East!

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Eastern Philosophy Webring

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Open to all websites on Eastern Philosophy....... from the Middle East to the Far East!


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   Unities of All Things Preview Go
Unities of All Things™, from Mark A. Foster Services™, is a free clinical sociology practice. It relates my emancipatory Structurization Theory™ to life.
   Vajrayaana literature Preview Go
Tabulated data from Vajra-yaana tantra-s and from canonical commentaries on the tantra-s
   Ancient Texts Tabulated Preview Go
Ancient texts on Eastern Philosophy: Amerindian, Daoist, Bon, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Hinayana, Aastika, Arabian, Akkadian, Assurian, Kemetian, Aiguptian.

   The Vedic Cosmology Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Ancient Indian views of the Universe through a medieval Japanese lens....
   Who's Who on the Gohonzon? Preview Go
Perhaps the most extensive online character-by-character explanation of the Great Mandala of the Nichiren School by the Rev Ryuei. Nichiren Buddhists of all persuasions are likely to enjoy & learn from this comprehensive series of webpages on the buddhas, bodhisattvas, devas, men, women & non-human beings in Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Mandala & in their roles in the broader Bud
   LotusSutra.net Preview Go
The short-cut address for Nichiren's Coffeehouse, the RingMaster's Buddhist homepage.
   Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Mandalas Preview Go
An interfaith website with links to cool galleries in the Nichiren, Tendai, Shingon, Pure Land, Tibetan, Theravada and Taoist traditions, with original webpages on Shichimen, the Dragon Goddess of Kuonji; the Demon Mother Kishimojin, who appeared in the Lotus Sutra to vow to protect its votaries; and the humorous post-modern sutra, Frodo Crosses the Sea of Suffering.
   The Writings of Nichiren DaiShonin Preview Go
A complete listing of the authenitic writings of the priest Nichiren who lived in 13th century Japan; with extensive links to gosho translations in many Western languages.
   Nichiren's Interfaith Coffeehouse Preview Go
An extensive interfaith website honouring the Ocean of Buddhism, with an emphasis on the many Schools which practice the Lotus Sutra around the World.
   Independent Nichiren Buddhism Preview Go
Links & resources for a growing movement toward nonsectarian Buddhism; includes New Age groups in Japan, USA & Europe; as well as some personal homepages for independent minded buddhists of various persuasions.

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