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Albert Einstein - Untitled document Einstein the person, Einstein the scientist.  The man, his life, his times, his beliefs (and lack

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Albert Einstein

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Untitled document

Einstein the person, Einstein the scientist.  The man, his life, his times, his beliefs (and lack thereof) and his works, including his influence on on our way of looking at the time, space, life, the universe and everything.  Pictured:  earliest known photo of Albert Einstein, undated and uncredited.


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Rock can be silly. Lady G likes it that way. Here are some lyrics to silly songs, enhanced by videos. First up: Einstain the Genius. ("Albert daneround, Albert, be profound, Albert let your hair stick out, your socks fall down!")
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Learn Einstein Special and General Relativity mathematics cosmology physics history and philosophy using Macintosh (Mac) Relativity Calculator software.
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A collection of quotes and observations by Einstein

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FREE science e-books about special relativity and general relativity including science software and much, much more. . All FREE and no pop up ads with these either.
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Is Einstein's Unified Field Theory finally solved in this new Theory of Everything concept? . FREE science e-books and thousands of other FREE items with absolutely nothing to buy and no pop up ads.
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Theory of Everything. Shrinking Theory of the universe and Universal Relativity. The consequences of the relativity of the speed of light and the relativity of : speed, distance, size, mass, time, etc. Putting Einstein's theories back into question.
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Formulated to cut right through the haze, here Einstein's Theory of Relativity is elucidated to net satisfaction on a single page, in plain language, without math. The essay especially illuminates how The Universe would be reductio ad absurdum without relativity. A 14-page treatise on the subject is also made available, sporting a few diagrams but no formulas, no math to speak of
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Some thoughts on photon entanglement experiments.
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