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Artisans of Stained Glass and Art Glass - This family friendly ring contains sites that pertain to stained glass and other forms of glass art, particularly artis

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Artisans of Stained Glass and Art Glass

Manager: wr__tj

This family friendly ring contains sites that pertain to stained glass and other forms of glass art, particularly artists' work, galleries, shops, and the like. It includes antique style glass, blown glass, Italian glass, art nouveau, Tiffany lamps, art nouveau, and so forth. Sites include galleries that concentrate on glass art, or photos of famous stained glass windows, including those in cathedrals and churches, personal sites, including a gallery of the person's works, biographical information, exhibits and awards, opportunities to buy their work. It may include sites that discuss the glass flowers of Boston. There are some distinct forms of art glass in other regions, such as in the southwest, where saguaro cactus is depicted by pasting together little squares of glass. Little glass works that can be hung in the window to catch sunlight is another example. This ring surprises us with new genres of art glass!


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