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Embedded Technology - Microprocessors, controllers, RTOS, Networking / Communication Protocols & Embedded technology related sites

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Embedded Technology

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Manager: michaelanburaj
Microprocessors, controllers, RTOS, Networking / Communication Protocols & Embedded technology related sites

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   KSK's Project Pages Preview Go
C programming tutorials and projects using the AVR microcontroller and avr-gcc, starting with building your own DAPA programmer.
   theByteFactory - Microchip Consultant Program member Preview Go
FREE PICmicro bootloaders with C source code included! Since 1992, theByteFactory has provided high quality firmware and hardware solutions at the technically advanced level that today’s products require and consumers demand. We have expertise in the fields of embedded firmware development with a variety of languages from Assembly to C and Factory Automation/Monitoring using peer-to-
   Micro Stop Preview Go
Schematics and C code for 8051 and PIC micros geared toward RS232 communication. Small, RS232 powered thermometer and digital volt meter projects. New, inexpensive RS232 C libraries for Hitech/Pic16x8x.

   Electronics Place Preview Go
List of Links to the most interesting sites with Information on componentes, Programmers, Designes, Usefull Code and projects related to Picmicro, PIC16FXX, PIC16FXXX, Basic Stamp, electronics, radio Control, software, etc.
   Dincer Aydin's Home Page Preview Go
My site features: Assembler and diassemblers for 16F84 (implemented in JavaScript). Character type and graphic (KS0108 based) LCD info. LCD module simulator. AT89C2051 programmer. Parallel port control using Python. Z80 project and development tools, and more.
   optiCompo Electronics - ATmega based boards Preview Go
We produce an ethernet add-on for the Agenda VR3 PDA , an ATmega 103 mikroboard with RESET IC, STK300 compatible ISP etc. In cooperation with egnite we work on the EtherNut.
   Microcontrollers and Robotics resources Preview Go
Microcontroller and robotics resources ARM7 68000 PIC 68HC11 LCD OLED Robots
   RISC processors & Microcontrollers Preview Go
1) Embedded Technology - RTOS, Real-time Single-chip solutions, Telecom protocols & Virtual Peripherals 2) Microcontrollers - ARM, MIPS, MCS-51/251, PIC 12/14/16, SX, AVR,... 3) Protocols - TCP/IP, PPP, i2c,...
   AVR Microcontroller Resources Preview Go
A list of links to Atmel AVR information on the web that also includes some projects of my own.
   Taylec's embedded boards for Pic, AVR, MSP and TINI Preview Go
Taylec produce a large number of programmers, in-circuit debuggers, proto boards and demo boards for the PIC, AVR, MSP and TINI micro controllers.

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