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Spinning the Web: Episodic Online Series - Untitled document From dramas to scifi to soaps to comics, this ring consists of entertainment series created specifica

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Spinning the Web: Episodic Online Series

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Manager: genessa
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From dramas to scifi to soaps to comics, this ring consists of entertainment series created specifically for the web.  You'll want to check back often, as our members will have new installments!


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   Les Miserables - webfilm series Preview Go
In production in the first few weeks of 2015, this is a crowdfunded web-film series based as closely possible on Victor Hugo's unabridged novel Les Miserables, in hour long episodes. Keep up to date with project progress, auditions, trailers, news, and episode releases. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lesmiswebseries
   Dark Shadows: Millenium Preview Go
If you love Dark Shadows, then you'll love this brand new gothic/horror soap opera based on the Collins family as they are today. Have you ever wondered where Maggie, David, Carolyn, and your other favorites have been for the past 30 years? Find out here! First episode airs October 6, 2001.
   Beyond The Rainbow - A New Soap Opera Preview Go
A Soap Opera written by Mark E. Walter depicting the life of a young French boy. The story tells of Jean-Paul Rivet's dysfunctional family and how his alcoholic father contributed to his low self esteem.

   Wild Thangs Preview Go
A web series centered around the lives of The Andrews, Taylors, Lincolns, Morales and others in Southern California. Three words to give you a glance of what this series is about are secrets...lies...betrayal.
   Tapestry Preview Go
A steamy hotel near Lake tahoe is the setting for romance, southern belles, deception, crowbar-wielding nuns and natural disasters; and that is just the beginning.
   Palm Terrace Preview Go
The ongoing saga of 9 friends. When a stranger moves to town, inhibitions are lost when each friend finds the strength to make their dreams come true, pursue love, and deceive each other. Love triangles, secret lust, passionate hate, and more lie ahead for each friend as they carry on dramatic lives in sunny, mysterious Palm Terrace.
   End is Near Preview Go
End is near is an end times soap opera. Dealing with the book of Revelations it also has traditional soap opera storylines intwined to keep the viewers reading.
   Hidden Fire Preview Go
A web serial dealing with the lives of a group of University students who must deal with love, hate, betrayel and fellowship while surviving a war.
   Adventures at 545 Preview Go
This peachy-keen online comic is about me and my six zaney house mates and our wacky adventures at and around our university town.
   Power Stalkers Preview Go
This comic centers around three people in another world: Arthur, a nutty huminoid, Moreen, a stiff human, and Cadby, a miffed elf. They're all after the same thing; a rock named Edwin. Problem is, it's for different reasons. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Humor/M anga

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