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Electronics Sites - Whether you're searching for a particular electronic part or are a electronics hobbyist, you're sure to find something i

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Electronics Sites

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
Whether you're searching for a particular electronic part or are a electronics hobbyist, you're sure to find something in the many sites listed below. From the collector who refurbishes old tube televisions to the merchant selling iPods, this is the ring for all electronicss sites.


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   LeoCentaur's Theremin Page Preview Go
This theremin was built using the design of the 126 theremin from Art's Theremin Page. I made some modifications to the 126 design to use parts that I had on hand.
   DishNetwork Satellite Smartcard Programming and Unloop Preview Go
Ohio Valley Services provides the inexperienced a way to program DSS (DTV) h and hu cards as well as DishNetwork cards (satellite test cards) with indefinite support, dss programming software, and dishnetwork programming software. We sell access card programmers (smart card readers), unloopers (unlooping), emulators (emulating), but not bootloaders for dss h cards
   How to build a high quality Superheterodyne receiver Preview Go
How to build a high quality AM / FM Superheterodyne receiver from basic transistors. (This is the type of radio used in your car, cellphone, wireless Ethernet adapter, and about 99% of all wireless Digital / analog devices in some form or another.)

   My Notes of my studies Preview Go
This site holds all the notes that I have been studied in the field of electronics. Area of interests include communication, wireless technology and digital signal processing.
   Layout Design Index Preview Go
Covering transistor level schematics, boolean algebra, and stick diagrams for CMOS circuit layout design.
   Touch screen LCD module - TVI Electronics Preview Go
Design and manufacture of custom and standard controllers for OPTREX F-51553, F-51852 128x64 COG Monochrome STN LCD and Optrex F-51854 160x128 F-STN Monochrome Transflective LCD with touch screen, support in solving problems with LCD, and assistance in the design phase. Our touch screen LCD modules can integrate with other applications, ease user interface, and make significant
   Free Copier Support Community Preview Go
A copier and printer repair community to aid everyone from the layman to the professional in the art of printer and copier networking and repair.

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