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European Art - Art from Europe. France, Germany, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Greece, Poland, Romania, Russia, Denmark, Sw

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European Art

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Manager: lilithezine
Art from Europe. France, Germany, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Greece, Poland, Romania, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Turkey. Painting, photography, drawing, lithography, printmaking, sculpture, architecture.

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Gothic culture is more than just a bunch of clothes and dark art.
   Dada - The Anti-War Art Movement Preview Go
Dada was many things, but it was essentially an anti-war movement in Europe and New York from 1915 to 1923. It was an artistic revolt and protest against traditional beliefs of a pro-war society, and also fought against sexism/racism to a lesser degree. The word "dada" was picked at random out of a dictionary, and is actually the French word for "hobbyhorse".
   The Art History Archive Preview Go
An educational archive of historical and modern art, including chronological indexes, listings by country and by culture, movements, specific artists, articles on specific themes in art and world art news.

   SilentMagician Art Preview Go
Artist in the Netherlands. Featuring portraits, travel sketches, and photography.
   Cubism - Art History Archive Preview Go
Definition, key works, specific artists and the most complete overview of the Cubist Movement.
   The Lilith Library Preview Go
An archive of information about the Judeo-Christian myth of Lilith.
   The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Preview Go
Mandatory reading for art history students.
   Manet's Conceptualization Preview Go
Art history website about Manet.
   Jasmine Maddock at the Lilith Gallery Preview Go
Jasmine Maddock is a British artist living in Liverpool. Maddock's art pieces are of note because of her mix of text, clipped images and a combination of painting & drawing. Her collaged and mixed media works are comical, satirical and often use dark humour. Many of her works have aspects of Surrealism and art nouveau.
   The Legend of Salmacis & Hermaphroditus Preview Go
Aphrodite and Hermes had a son together. He grew up to become an incredibly beautiful and masculine man. One day while he was in the woods, a nymph named Salmacis saw him and became so infatuated with him that she grabbed hold of him and refused to let go. She made a prayer to the gods to make them never part, and POOF! VOILA! A hermaphrodite! A man with breasts, or alternative a woman with a penis.

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