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SciFi Fantasy Dimensioun - Where does Reality end and Fantasy begin? When does Science Fiction become Science Fact? Is the dimension of the imagina

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SciFi Fantasy Dimensioun

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Manager: scifimamagirl
Where does Reality end and Fantasy begin? When does Science Fiction become Science Fact? Is the dimension of the imagination Finite or Infinite?

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   New World Order / The Final Solution Preview Go
It has been necessary to create an error page. See why http://wlo418.tripod.com/404/ The struggle against globalist tyranny early in the 21st Century. The world economy has collapsed. People are starving. Urban warfare is breaking out everywhere. Saving humanity from planned oblivion involves the heroic efforts of a Libertarian journalist, threading his way through strange episodes of social decay, in an ongoing race with a man whose organization has already executed over five hundred thousand people... and is only getting started. For a mature audience. Links to a page with 10 short petitions for a better world.
   BAHARI WAKATI: Nyeusi Nafsi Version Preview Go
Witness the creation of the most Worldwide group of fictional heroic characters now in futuristic mode. From the Ancient Chinese Dynasties, the Nubian Empire, the Aztec & Mayan Civilizations, etc, they are all brought together in one artistic project, keeping their uniqueness.
   Andromeda Preview Go
2000 - 2005 Dylan Hunt is the captain of the Andromeda Ascendant, a ship which serves in the military force of the Systems Commonwealth, a monarchy which spans several galaxies. Hunt and his ship are subsequently frozen for several centuries. Revived by a passing salvage ship, Hunt is horrified to find that the Commonwealth has collapsed and all known galaxies have descended into barbarism.

   SciFi Fantasy Dimensioun Home Page Preview Go
Where does Reality end and Fantasy begin? When does Science Fiction become Science Fact? Is the dimension of the imagination Finite or Infinite? How far has your imagination evolved?
   Dragon Ball GT Preview Go
It has been around seven years since the end of the Boo Saga on Dragon Ball Z, Goku is now training with Uub, Vegeta and Bulma are still living together with their children, Trunks and Bra.
   A Tribute To Gene Roddenberry Preview Go
Seven Televisions Series Inspired By Gene Roddenberry, with cast photos and episodes. Eleven Movies Inspired By Star Trek, with full cast and crew. Links to sites about Gene Roddenberry. Enjoy.
   Cleopatra 2525 Preview Go
2000 - 2001 Set more than five centuries in the future, Cleopatra 2525 revolves around the exploits of three tough and beautiful women in a world that has literally been turned upside down.
   The Burning Zone Preview Go
1996 - 1997 Dr. Daniel Cassian is appointed by the White House to lead a small top secret federal biological task force of leading scientists to investigate and prevent potential biological disasters. The team also adopt Cassian's secret agenda to track down and identify the scientists and others behind the ultra secret, pernicious organization known only as 'The Dawn' whose objective is ....
   First Wave Preview Go
Former thief Cade Foster discovers that aliens are conducting experiments among humans as part of the first wave of their invasion of our world. He sets out to fight them, with the assistance of a conspiracy theorist known as Crazy Eddie, who helps him discover the relevance of prophecies made in 1564 by Nostradamus, who predicted the destruction of the Earth in 3 terrifying waves by aliens known as the Gua.
   Birds Of Prey Preview Go
The Batman legend takes an unexpected turn when the Caped Crusader vanishes from the crime-ridden city of New Gotham and his legacy is taken over by a trio of beautiful and relentless heroines - the Birds of Prey. Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, Helena Kyle, the secret daughter of Batman and Catwoman, and Dinah, a teenage runaway who is drawn to the city by meta-human visions.

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